Leak Detection Services in Los Angeles CA

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As a certified 24/7 emergency leak detection local company and contractor, we provide the following services:

  • Commercial Leak Detection
  • Underground Leak Detection
  • Plumbing Leak Detection
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Pipeline Leak Detection

24/7 Leak Detection Los Angeles

It’s one thing to be aware of the fact that you have a leak in your home, but it’s entirely another to know exactly where it’s coming from. We don’t expect you to be able to detect the source, but we do hope that you’ll recognize the signs of a leak in your home. Be sure to call our leak detection experts as soon as you can if you experience any of the following pipe leak symptoms:

  • Hearing running water even though you know all the fixtures in your home are turned off
  • Seeing hot spots on the floor
  • Noticing cracks in your walls or floors
  • Seeing mildew or excessive moisture under the carpets
  • Realizing that your water bills are higher than normal, and you know it’s not because of increasing rates
  • Foul odors coming from floors or walls near drains/sewers
  • Water meter reading fluctuations even though you aren’t using any water
  • Uneven vegetation growth or ground shifts

Contact Us Now – Plumbing Leak Detection Solutions

Because the plumbing that runs through your home is often buried in foundations or sealed in the walls, we need to use specialized leak detection equipment to get to the source and repair it as soon as possible.

In the past, plumbers would have to tear out walls and ceilings just to find the problem area. Fortunately, technology has made this process much easier.

We use several different types of leak detection equipment, including:

  • Infrared leak detection – With this method, our plumbers can see below floors, into walls, and underground.
  • Ultrasonic detection – This uses sound technology to measure variation and sound loss in your pipes.
  • Video inspection – Our preferred method of detection, with a video camera inspection we can visibly see into the pipes. We send a camera down to take pictures and videos of your plumbing to find where the leak is located, and what caused it. Not only does it help us determine the best course of action going forward, but it allows you – the homeowner – to fully understand why we choose the repair route that we do. You will know the severity of the problem and all possible solutions before going forward.
  • Smoke detection – This is often used as a last resort, but if it’s necessary we will pump harmless smoke into the pipes and look for the areas where the smoke escapes.

We will not leave your home until any and all leaks are taken care of, nor before you are completely satisfied with our work. Call The Twin Home Experts at the first sign of a leak so we can stop and repair it quickly!