What our customers are saying

“Probably the best experience I’ve ever dealt with a vendor ever in my entire life. They were prompt, on time, they didn’t take any shortcuts, they explained what was going on and went the extra mile. Everyone from Jimmy to the people who only worked one day were nothing but friendly.”

– The Edwards Family, Burbank, CA


“I really loved working with Twin Home Restoration because the Schuelke brothers were so on top of things. They returned my emergency call right away, they came over, worked with my insurance and got me a wonderful rate for the job. They fixed up my house and made it even nicer than it was to begin with!”

– Harmony, Phoenix, AZ


“We’re in a 9-unit building and every homeowner here calls Twin Home Restoration whether it’s on their own or collectively to help us all out. Myself as the homeowner president here, as long as the Schuelke’s are involved, I’m comfortable, I’m confident it’s going to get done properly and each and every time we’re so super happy with them.”

– Jan, Sherman Oaks, CA


“Twin Home Restoration is awesome! They showed up in less than 30 minutes, they’ve been here less than 30 minutes. It’s done – in and out, love it!”

– Allison, Phoenix, AZ


“Highest level of service, anybody else would have taken four times as long and probably cost four times as much and they’re so respectful and do such a great job. I couldn’t recommend them more. They are fabulous.”

– Eric, Santa Monica, CA


“I had an accident that occurred at about 4:30 in the morning and I called Twin Home Restoration and they showed up within a half hour. They started right away on the work to get rid of some of the flooding problems. It was really great service.”

– Eric, Phoenix, AZ


“I just want to thank you guys so much. You did a fabulous job. I’m going to use you every single time. You’re so reliable, you’re so respectful, you do such great work. I just can’t even say enough about you!”

– Joan, Calabasas, CA


“The Twins came out and installed my water purification system in no time flat. They showed up on time, under budget and this system has worked flawlessly. I recommend them highly to my friends and family. ”

– Ryan, Phoenix, AZ


“I can only say that it’s been as always a real pleasure because in time of need, not only are they there, but they’re there immediately and the job is done to perfection.”

– Regine, Studio City, CA