When it comes to mold testing in the Los Angeles area, there are many companies to choose from, but pricing is all over the place. Here at The Twin Home Experts mold testing & inspection department, we get a lot of potential clients from all over the area.

From San Gabriel, Pasadena, Sherman Oaks, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach to Santa Clarita and many more cities checking around for mold testing pricing.

Today, we’re here to assist you and provide you some great insight behind the mold test cost and what to look for when choosing a mold testing company.

Why are you getting a mold test?

There are many reasons why one is wanting a mold test, perhaps the doctor is requesting due to health issues, you are a Los Angeles renter, landlord, a real estate agent representing a buyer, or a listing agent representing the seller, or your a homeowner and have some suspicion at there could be mold in your home, or you’re in a legal matter and your attorney is requesting samples.

All these reasons are relevant and require different testing methods & reports depending on the nature of your situation which then governs the cost.

What are the different mold tests?

So, depending on the nature of your situation, there are a few choices you have when it comes to mold testing.

Swab: this is like an oversized Q-Tip where if there is visible mold, we simply swipe it over a few times and collect the biofilm of the mold, and place it in the vial and send it off to the lab. They will then put it under a microscope & provide the type of mold that’s present.

Tape Lift: This is basically clear Scotch tape & very similar to the swab test, where there is visible mold you place the sticky part directly on the mold and then stick it inside a zip lock bag. The mold lab then will place it under the microscope and determine mold species.

*With swab and tape lifts, they do not tell you the air toxicity, they only tell you if there is mold present, the type of mold and if it’s actively growing.

Air Sample: This is where samples are taken with a mold air testing machine. One sample is taken outside as the baseline. Then the other samples are taken inside using clear vials called AERO CELLS.

There is a clear screen in the middle & the mold lab will then place that screen under the microscope and will determine the type of mold that’s in the air, and the amount of mold compared to the outside. So, if the inside mold readings are higher than outside, then there is a potential toxic mold issue.

In-wall: Here at the Twin Home Experts, we are not believers in testing inside a wall, it’s not a controlled environment, therefore, the tests are inaccurate. But we have seen testing between $250 to 450 from other competitors.

What are the cost differences between swab, tape and air mold tests?

Most Los Angeles mold testing companies will never tell you what they pay a mold lab for each sample. Most mold labs, do not charge any difference between an air sample, swab or tape lift. Here at the Twin Home Experts, our local accredited mold labs charge us $15 per sample plus shipping if we’re sending out to an out of state-accredited mold lab. Some labs charge more, therefore those costs are forwarded to the consumer. The charges & fees above the lab costs are time & a small profit for the mold testing company.

Is a mold inspection necessary or just testing?

This is a question we get a lot here at Twin Home Experts. During the testing visit, we inspect while our equipment is performing the test. So, an inspection is not necessary as a separate fee. Sometimes, this is a way for a mold testing & inspection company to charge more for the visit.

The inspection is only necessary when there are no signs of mold growth, but the mold lab results show a high concentration in the air samples.

Los Angeles renters – mold test cost

If you rent an apartment, condo or even a home, the last thing you want is to spend money on mold testing for a property you don’t own, but if your dealing with a landlord that is not responsive, then your headed in the right direction by proving that there is mold. This cost can range from $89 to 289 typically our rental clients will deduct the expense off the next month’s rent. Call the Twins for more details.

Los Angeles landlord – mold testing cost

If you’re a property owner, you may have a renter that is trying to get out of a lease or claiming toxic mold affecting the family. Testing if it’s not visible, maybe a good idea to prove that your property is safe and that your taking action. Costs can range from $89.00 to 350.00 call the Twins for more details, were here to Help.

Los Angeles real estate mold testing and inspection costs

We typically get called out after the general inspection, where the home inspector noted suspect areas. This sometimes requires testing, if there are visible signs of moisture then were big believers in providing information not only on the mold but the source of it is not disclosed by the buyer or seller.

Cost for mold testing & inspection 125 to 550 with the report.


Pricing depends on your situation & what you’re looking to achieve. But the average range is 89 to 289 with the Twin Home Experts.

Need testing? Call the Twins today 818-623-8739. As always, thank you for visiting our site.