Here at the Twin Home Experts, our Los Angeles crawl space inspection team inspects well over 16 crawl spaces per week. Every client has different needs, goals, and concerns.

We are fully certified with a C-36 plumbing license, water damage certification, and mold certificate. We are also odor specialists and water intrusion experts. Because of our widespread qualifications, clients seek us out for a Los Angeles crawl space inspection to determine issues they may be dealing with within their homes.

Why should I be concerned about my crawl space? – Mimi from Tarzana

Crawl spaces should be inspected frequently. We’ve seen some severe damages to properties related to leaky crawl spaces, whether it’s from drain lines, water pipe leaks, or rain/sprinkler water intrusion.

This being neglected, we have seen severe mold & fungus that cause destruction to wood framing and impact indoor breathing space.

How do you inspect a crawl space? – Manuel from Northridge

The type of inspection depends on the nature of the concern or issue.

Most frequent concerns

Sewer odor: With sewer odors or rotten egg smells, we perform a full crawl inspection under all bathrooms, kitchen, and plumbing. We run water to every fixture to see if there are any leaks.

We also inspect the soil to see if there is standing water.

Mold: We inspect all wood framing and perform moisture readings to suspect areas.

It’s important to also remove any insulation that mold & moisture can be hiding behind.

Part of the Los Angeles crawl space inspection should include a mold air test inside to determine if cross-contamination has occurred.

It’s imperative to determine if there is moisture anywhere, as mold cannot breed without it.

A swab analysis is also a great way to determine if there is mold present and how active it is.

Real estate sale: If your buying or selling a property, and the Home Inspector found issues in the crawl space, then more than likely you’ll need a crawl space pro to figure out what the issue is.

Crawl space cleaning: We get a lot of professionals that work under crawl spaces who bring to the property owners’ attention about their crawl spaces.

Pest control, heating & air companies, plumbers, etc. – all require at times a clean crawl space in order to perform their install or repairs.

Plumbers, for example, will not go under a crawl space with standing sewer water and do repairs, until the drain water is completely extracted.

Worried about your crawl space or need an inspection? Call to schedule your inspection or repair service with our team today!

How much does a crawl space inspection cost? – Darren in Chatsworth

The cost can vary depending on a few factors. What we’re inspecting, if we’re performing samples for mold or VOC, if we’re inspecting sewer drain issues. Is there debris removal, odor removal. water intrusion issues?

Crawl space cross-contamination and fungus removal will also impact the cost.

These all factor into the cost, this can range from a low of $89.00 to $750.00.

Crawl space inspection checklist: 

What you need:

  • Crawl space coveralls or Tyvex suit
  • Dust Mask N95
  • Gloves
  • Moisture meter
  • Bright led flashlight
  • Eyewear
  • Camera 

Things to look for:

  • Interior drainage system leaking or appears to have leaked?
  • Is there standing water?
  • Does drainage need to be installed?
  • Is there a secure crawl door present? 
  • Is there a sub‐floor insulation? what’s the condition? 
  • Is there fungus growth?
  • Is there wood/cellulose debris?
  • Is there plumbing leaks?
  • Is there water entry from outside the foundation? 
  • Is a sump pump needed?
  • Is there wood decay?

Can crawl space air make you sick?

Crawl space air can cause health issues depending on the issue.

We’ve seen severe mold cases that cross-contaminate inside the home air and duct system. 

What is the minimum height for a crawl space? – Flora from Santa Monica

We get into some tight crawl spaces, but if you’ve ever wondered what the minimum requirement for crawl space height is according to FHA standards, it’s 18 inches.

How often should I inspect my crawl space? – Nick from Pacific Palisades

We always recommend at least once a year with homes built pre-1980. Homes built after 1980, we recommend at least every 2 to 3 years.

Should I encapsulate my crawl space? – Mindy from Beverly Hills

Encapsulation is always a benefit to any property, particularly if your heating and air system are under the crawl space.

This is an investment, so if you plan on living in the home for many years, then here at the Twin Home Experts, we encourage it.

Can I store my stuff in my crawl space? – Mary from Pasadena

You can, even if you’ve eradicated most of the moisture we recommend storing items in airtight plastic containers. Depending on the height of the crawl space, you might consider shelving. 

Free Los Angeles crawl space inspection

A free crawl space inspection would consist of inspecting the current condition for repairs, in order to provide a cost.

Where it’s not free, is when there is diagnostic work or inspecting to determine what the conditions are using tools and reporting those findings.

Crawl space leak detection

When finding any leaks in Crawl space, it takes the right tools and proper techniques.

The first steps are testing all the plumbing, flushing all the toilets, and running showers, tubs and sinks.

Then you run a camera through drain lines that dive into the soil and check the air conditioning system, drain pan & drain line. Check for signs of foundation leaks and gas line leaks – check for rusty gas pipes. You also want to check dryer vent lines leaking into crawl space with massive amounts of lint.

Well, we sure hope this was helpful, if you need more information or would like to book a crawl space inspection for your property, please contact the Twins today.

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