Twin brothers David and Jim Schuelke have been emergency plumbers in Los Angeles for over 27 years.

We have seen it all. Overflowing toilets, burst pipes, rainwater leaks, crawl spaces flooded, slab water leaks, gas leaks, ceiling leaks, entire houses and condominiums flooded with 2” to 4” of water.

We are so proud here at Twin Home Experts to be the ONLY 24/7 plumbing emergency company that is truly a “one call, does it all” home service company.

We offer leak detection, plumbing/leak repair, full flood out restoration and clean up, black mold removal and we will put your house back together all in one call.

Twin Home Experts can even handle your entire emergency water damage insurance claim.

Call the Twin Home Experts if you’ve got an emergency. We can help, and are available 24/7!

What does an emergency plumber cost here in Los Angeles?

Is there such a thing as “cheap 911 plumber near me”?

The number one concern and question is cost. Plumbers, particularly emergency plumbers, often can take advantage of the situation, so be careful.

Cost depends on the emergency, what you’ll need, access to pipes and the issue. Sometimes it’s just a call out to shut the water down.

We’ve completed emergency plumbing jobs ranging from $150-$8,900.

Twin Home Experts Emergency Service Process

You call …… It’s free for us to come out and assess the issue so we can accurately provide you a scope and cost.

Then based on our findings, we provide up to 4 price options giving you a choice, with no pressure tactics.

Sometimes, we’re not a price fit, and that’s okay. Your 4th option is, we help you find the right person for the job, as we have many resources. We can even recommend competitors if we see fit.

The best way to get the best price on ANY emergency plumbing call is to take a deep breath, turn all water off if you can, and get 3 estimates if you are not feeling comfortable or uneasy.

This will be so advantageous to you!

We hear all the time, “Well, I had no choice.”

Case Study

Here is a real example of an emergency plumbing call and contract Twin Home Experts performed at a job in Studio City in an office building where employees were getting sick from an aggressive sewer odor.

We arrived at 6 AM prior to the office opening up at 9 AM and solved the issue, saving the business from shutting down.

5 most common emergency plumbing calls here in Los Angeles

SLAB LEAK – Water pipe break or slab leak causing water damage, especially if you can’t shut your water off.

SEWER LINE BACK UP – Sewer line is clogged and you have sewage going everywhere

GAS LEAK DETECTION – Yes, you should call your local gas company to come out first, but they will shut your gas off until a plumber does gas leak detection and does a gas leak repair.

WATER HEATER LEAKING – Shut the valve off above heater until the plumber arrives or the main water valve to the property.

LEAK POURING DOWN FROM THE CONDO ABOVE – Inform the neighbors above to stop using any water until the plumber arrives.


Twin Home Experts, an emergency plumber near you always recommends getting 3 estimates to make sure you don’t get ripped off.

If you hire a local Los Angeles emergency plumber, always check reviews and their license status to make sure they have all the insurances in place.

You can go to the CSLB website and check a contractor license and status, here.