As a leader in Los Angeles plumbing who started back in 1982, with one of the oldest licenses here, we have performed over 20,000 plumbing and drain cleaning jobs in the greater Los Angeles. Over the 30 years in business with the CSLB, they have sent us our fair share of letters from customers that were not happy with our services and filed a complaint with the Contractor’s State License Board.

The Contractor’s State License Board truly is a great source to solve issues for both the customer and a Los Angeles plumber without having to bring expensive attorneys.

The CSLB keeps contractors in compliance, if not you will get your license taken away.

Twin Home Experts always recommend if you’re going to spend more then $1,000 with a plumber to always check out your plumbing contractor on the CSLB website.

How do I check a plumbers license?

By clicking this link, you will be able to check.

This is a GREAT way to really check out your Los Angeles plumbing contractor’s information. This is what to look for:

  1. Bonded
  2. Work compensation
  3. Any present disciplinary action against them
  4. Liability insurances

If they have all the stated above credentials in place, then you as a homeowner are protected.

If you still have questions that need to be answered you can always call directly to the CSLB.

CSLB phone number

It’s sometimes difficult to get through. It is always best to call right when they open in order to get a live person at the CSLB.

Los Angeles – (562) 345-7656

Sacramento – (800) 321-2752

Got questions about the CSLB or need insight about making a claim? Call our team today!

Homeowners rights through the eyes of the CSLB

CSLB will always refer to the actual contract between the homeowner and the Los Angeles plumber you worked with.

The language and signatures in the agreement signed by the homeowner are SUPER important.

Case Study

We just helped a customer in Los Angeles who had an entire drain replacement under the house for a total price of $7,852, which was signed and a deposit was given to the plumber for $3,500.

Red flags popped up when the drain company tried to upsell the drains in the front yard for another $12,000. She called us for a second opinion, whoa! Thank God she did.

We ran our sewer camera to perform an inspection and found nothing wrong with the main sewer line. We then looked over the contract our customer signed for the drain replacement and found so many contractor violations.

Violations the CSLB frowns upon

  1. Taking more than a 10 percent down payment of the contract amount
  2. Start date and finish date not filled out
  3. No change order
  4. NOT listing the materials with model numbers
  5. Showing exempt on the work comp, when in fact they had employees on the job doing the work.
  6. Proper signatures

There should be at least two signatures on a Los Angeles plumbing contract. One for the agreed scope and one on the three day right to cancel. If you sign the three day right to cancel, the homeowner should’ve filled out the reason


My place is flooding, no hot water etc. That’s when typically you waive your right to cancel. If it’s not an emergency, then three days have to pass BEFORE the plumber starts work. You as the homeowner, even though you signed and have a deposit, you can cancel at any time within the three days and get a full refund.

So the plumbers violated ALL the above.

We helped advise our customer to send a letter listing all the violations and giving the plumber 5 business days to refund the money or file a complaint with the CSLB showing them the violations. They cooperated immediately and we received a full refund.

Always get a second opinion from another licensed Los Angeles plumber. This will protect you in the long run.

CSLB and arbitration

You as the homeowner could be bound by an arbitration clause in the plumber’s contract.

This could mean good or bad.

Case Study

A Woodland Hills plumber excavated down into the slab of kitchen floors and buried the copper pipe in concrete. The work was not approved and was substandard. We advised our customer to file a complaint with the Contractors State License Board, who then sent it to arbitration.

Our client was there with photos, an attorney and a Twin Home Expert technician proving our case.

The arbitrator who works for the CSLB – We were shocked to find out even with all the evidence of violations, this Daniel Smith favored the Los Angeles plumber.

Our customer was only awarded $1,000 for damages.


If you are having to go to arbitration, you better have COLORED photos of proof of the negligent work. These guys don’t care about what was said, it’s ALL based on proof of violations and substandard work. Hopefully, you will have a decent arbitrator who actually listens without the ego.

Hopefully, this gave you some insightful tips on hiring a Los Angeles plumber and what to expect from the CSLB.

If you should have any questions or need a second opinion on your plumbing needs, call the Twin Home Experts any time.