When it comes to bathroom mold removal in your San Fernando Valley home, business, apartment or condo, it’s probably been growing for some time. Now that it’s getting more aggressive in size and color, or maybe your starting to feel health symptoms from it, you now want to do something about it.

Well, here at the Twin Home Experts, we’ve performed over 1,300 bathroom mold projects all across the San Fernando Valley.

Top 3 causes for mold growth in a bathroom

  1. Plumbing leaks from above or inside a wall slowly leaking
  2. Insufficient air or no exhaust fan while taking a hot steamy shower day after day
  3. Water overspray, specifically if you have a shower curtain

“Can I just clean it myself?”

This is one that’s hard to answer. It’s very difficult to know how toxic the mold condition is and how many compromised materials need to be removed. The other concerns that need to be considered especially if the property is built before 1980, is there lead & asbestos present?

If you are going to take the chance, here are the tools & materials needed for mold removal cleanup.

** The following tools are fundamental for “small” areas of 10 square feet or less. And, will make your next mold clean-up job more safe and efficient!

  • Safety Goggles
  • Window Fan (if window present)
  • Rubber Gloves (disposable nitrile gloves)
  • Tyvek Coveralls with Hood and Boots (disposable)
  • N-95 Respirator (keeps mold spores out of your lungs as well as harmful gases from harsh chemical and ammonia-based mold cleaning agents)
  • 6 mil Plastic Garbage Bags (for cleanup of contaminated drywall, clothing and other debris)
  • 6 mil Visqueen (plastic sheeting to seal off work area and help keep mold spores from spreading throughout rest of residence) you will need blue painters tape & Duck tape.
  • Eco-friendly mold cleaning solution)
  • Spray Bottle (label your spray bottle for contents as well as safety precautions)
  • Mold Cleaning Detergent or Disinfectant such as Sporicidon.
  • Old Toothbrush or Small Scrub Brush (short soft & medium stiff bristles)
  • Sponge and Throw-away Towels

We recommend here at The Twin Home Experts, for projects larger than a 3×3 area, which have been subject to flood or sewer damage; a professional certified mold removal company should be consulted (many times it’s free for initial estimate).

Being certified in some great antimicrobial mold products gives us the competitive advantage, customers really appreciate our EPA approved and long-standing warranties & guarantees.

Bathroom mold removal products for the DIY San Fernando property owner

  • RMR mold stain remover can be used to remove light mold growth from both porous materials such as clothing (be careful to avoid spotting) and is non-toxic.
  • Sporicidon this great product can be bought at McCallas Janitoral supply

If you notice, we do not recommend bleach – this simply does not work and it’s more hazard to your health if it’s inhaled.

It is not safe to breathe in the gases produced by chlorinated bleach and ammonia (take care to keep bleach and ammonia from mixing together – highly poisonous gases will result from any interaction of the two chemicals). Take appropriate precautions to use proper breathing protection such as an N-95 respirator anytime that you are working with these chemicals – especially in non-ventilated and enclosed areas. Take care of you and yours when removing mold with these.

Once you choose your mold product

Get your spray bottle and apply the cleaning solution to all visible mold. Also, generously mist any suspect areas that may have mold spores present.

Let sit for a few minutes and scrub-a-dub-dub. This process may have to be repeated a few times.

“How would I know if I really removed it?” – Tara, Woodland Hills

Great question Tara! Once you’ve found the source and remediated, you can hire a company like ourselves to see if you cleaned it properly. A quick air sample or swab analysis would provide a sure result if it’s been thoroughly cleaned or not.

Or this is a video from us on how you can do your own swab test.

“How can I prevent mold from coming back?” – Charles, Northridge

Getting rid of all moisture sources is the number one key in the prevention of mold.

Here at the Twin Home Mold Experts, we are certified in a mold inhibitor that prevents mold from ever coming back. In fact, we have a double guarantee, 20 years.

One final note as prevention, particularly if the mold stems from dew point or sweating while taking a hot shower. Apply a mold inhibitor paint, this really helps to remove the food source for mold to go grow in the future.

“How much does a mold inspection cost in San Fernando Valley?” – Billy, Sherman Oaks

Mold inspection costs depend on what’s needed. Is it for a real estate sale or an apartment you are renting? Perhaps your a landlord, and your renter is complaining? You’re a business and concerned? You’re not feeling good or you can smell it? You see it but not sure it’s mold? You’re in a legal matter and your lawyer needs confirmation?

All these concerns make a difference in the inspection and cost.

But with well over 2,500 mold inspections here in the valley, we’ve charged as high as $550 and as low as $89.

“How much does a bathroom mold removal expert cost?”

Depends on a few things: the degree of contamination – light, medium or heavy, the location – is it inside the ceiling and walls. These all play a role in cost.

But, we’ve completed bathroom mold removal for prices ranging from $550-$4,800.

“My bath remodel company stopped because they found mold. They said they can do it, should I?” – Diedre, Burbank

You have to be very careful, we are seeing bathroom remodel companies using the mold as a scare tactic to help them drive more money in their pockets.

Always get a second unbiased opinion. Unfortunately, there are a lot of contractors that try to take advantage.

If you have any other questions, concerns or want a free estimate on your bathroom mold removal project, please feel free to contact us anytime. We are here to help. Use promo code Mold Twins for a free swab/inspection.

Thank you for visiting our site today.