Why didn’t we think of these?!?

The Twin Plumbers have performed over 5,500 plumbing jobs throughout our 37 years in business.

So we’ve seen many plumbing products on the market.

Here are some really genius bathroom gadgets that might be perfect for you.

Overflow drain cover

You can finally enjoy a deep soaking bath without losing precious water.

The TubShroom

If you don’t ever want to call the Twins out for a tub stoppage, then get this gadget, it will catch all the hairs before going down the drain.

Led shower head

It will change colors according to the temperature so you know exactly when to step in.

Motion sensor toilet light

Make the Ol’ porcelain throne feel like a state of the art piece plus for the men – no more trying to aim in the middle of the night.

Waterproof notepad

Jot down reminders like “Call the Twins for repairs” or write down all your great ideas.

We sure hope these were helpful. Please leave us a comment, and let us know if you like the products.

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