We noticed a bit of frustration with trying to choose Bath Planet colors with the available resources, so as a top acrylic bathroom contractor here in Los Angeles, we wanted to help make choosing your Bath Planet color a little easier.

Twin Home Experts has performed hundreds of bathroom remodels, with well over 200 Bath Planet shower systems here in Ventura County, Santa Clarita, Palmdale, San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles area.

This article will give you a better visual on the top Bath Planet colors compared to what the website or color chart is offering.

We took this a step further and built an onsite bathroom showroom featuring the most popular Bath Planet colors, helping our customers make a better decision, so let’s get right to it!

Subway Tile In White

If you like a clean look and the feel of making your bathroom look bigger and need something that goes with everything, then consider going with white subway tile.

It looks great with chrome hardware.

Twin Home Experts features this in their bathroom showroom.

Pompei Marble

This is a mix of light and dark grey; we install this in a lot of master bathrooms.

If you want that masculine look, then Pompeii marble is a great choice.

Looks awesome with brush nickel hardware.

We also feature this shower at our onsite bathroom showroom:

Silver-White Marble

Silver white marble is not only our most popular color choice for our customers, but by far the most popular Bath Planet color in the country.

Our bath remodel team loves this color because it’s not too dark or too light. It keeps your bathroom airy and visually enlarges the look and feel, especially if you have a small bathroom. This looks great with brush nickel hardware.

We feature this Bath Planet color in our onsite bathroom showroom:

Bianco Travertine

This is a great choice if you like the earthy tones. This has light and darker brown tones.

It does look classy and has a nice contrast with oil bronze.


Breccia is our favorite earthy tone Bath Planet color.

Why? It’s not too dark and it is a very good neutral color. It goes with almost anything.

This color is Bath Planet’s #2 most popular in the country, so you can’t go wrong.

We have featured this Bath Planet color right next to our expensive marble shower.

Now, there are another ten colors to choose from, but we wanted to narrow it down and provide you with the most popular. Another option is, go onto Bath Planet’s website and go into their build your bathroom feature. This allows you to play with all the colors.

There are a few popular questions we get regarding Bath Planet systems, so let’s break those down.

What Does Bath Planet Cost

If your wondering Bath Planet costs on each of these colors, they are ALL the same price.

You would have to call your local Bath Planet dealer to give you a free estimate on your bathroom.

Twin Home Experts Bath Planet costs can range from $6,500 to $12,500. This depends on the customization of your Bath Planet system. Our average Bath Planet cost to install is around $8,500 and that’s all the materials and labor, that even includes a shower glass semi-frameless shower door.

Keeping Your Bath Planet Clean

Bath Planet colors are made of high tech Polymer, which most people know as acrylic.

The great thing with acrylic it is a non-porous material, so mold and mildew will not grow.

So, when Luxury Bath Technologies, our competitor, claims that their product has a microban coating to prevent mold and mildew, this is just a selling point that offers NO real value.

Mold and mildew will only grow in organic substrates.

To keep your acrylic clean, use a bit of dawn soap and dilute with vinegar. Shake and spray over the surface, with a soft cloth wipe away.

Well folks we hope this helped make it easier choosing your Bath Planet color. Give us your feedback, we are always looking to become better bathroom contractors.