Twin Home Experts gives you the answers right from their very own bathroom showroom in San Fernando Valley.

Our team has installed over 400 new bathroom remodels in Los Angeles, that means a whole lot of shower doors installed.

We’ve seen it all, from shower glass doors straight out of a Home Depot box to a custom built shower glass door made and installed by the best shower door companies in Los Angeles.

Why shower glass doors are the most important finishes to invest for your bathroom?

When it comes to shower doors for your bathroom, this really is the final touch to make your bathroom look awesome, and it provides a better ROI on your hard earned money and offers the best finishes for resale value. This is the focal point when walking into a bathroom.

The nice clean frameless shower door that is custom to fit your shower or tub is by far the most popular and will never go out of style.

Twin tip

When choosing a shower door for your bathroom, make sure it’s a door that fits the look and design of your bathroom. Meaning, cheap shower doors in a brand new updated remodeled bathroom will be the focal point, therefore will leave a lasting impression.

Frameless shower doors – Yelp, Los Angeles

Here in Los Angeles, most people will google search frameless shower glass doors on Yelp and serval should pop up, but that’s not the case. Most searches off Yelp for Los Angeles frameless glass doors companies populate a bunch of contractors who don’t specialize in shower glass door installation, they will just subcontract out to a shower glass door company in Los Angeles.

The top frameless shower door companies off of Yelp that Twin Home Experts recommends are:

  1. Valley Direct Shower Doors
  2. Brothers Glass & Shower Doors

These are by far the 2 top shower door companies near you, that Twin Home Experts highly recommends.

We have a bathroom showroom that features ALL the shower doors for your bathroom project here in San Fernando Valley located at 7243 woodley Avenue, Van Nuys ca 91406.

It’s always a good idea to feel, touch and see all the options you have when it comes to a shower door for your bathroom and space.

Thinking of upgrading a bathroom in your home? Call to talk with our bathroom remodel team about your options today!

Shower glass door installer near you

After having over 400 shower glass doors installed in Los Angeles, Simi Valley, San Fernando Valley, Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Camarillo, Granada Hills, Newbury Park and Ventura County, Lancaster and Palmdale, shower glass doors from frameless, semi-frameless, fixed panels even to a hanging shower curtain rod, our favorite, and by far the best shower door installer near you is:

Robert W. – He works for Valley Direct Shower Doors so see if you can request Robert for your project.

Shower glass door hardware finishes

There are several great options in shower door finishes, with by far the most popular is going to be brushed nickel.

Here they are:

Types of glass for your shower glass door

There are about 4 different types of glass options for you to choose from, by far the most popular is clear glass. If you have a small bathroom we always recommend going with clear, keeps the bathroom clean and makes the bathroom bigger. Now if you want some privacy, then rain glass is a pretty option.

Shower door costs

Shower doors can range depending on what you choose, the size and how thick the glass will be. Factors also include whether it is custom, if it slides or swings and what hardware is needed.

The bottom line as far as what a shower door costs for your bathroom, you can plan on paying $800 for a sliding glass door installed or a frameless shower glass door for around $1,200.

Now if you have a large shower and you want fixed glass panels integrated, then you can spend up to $2,500.

Twin Home Experts is always here to help! We hope this provides a bit more knowledge in helping you find your Los Angeles shower door for your bathroom.

We also can provide a free estimate for your bathroom project and facilitate your shower glass door needs.