Twin Home Experts’ leak detection services started out in Thousand Oaks. Slab leaks are more common in Thousand Oaks then most areas in Los Angeles.

Because Thousands Oaks is new construction, homes are built on slab on grade. This means that the hot and cold water pipes were ran in the soil using soft copper tubing, and then concrete was poured above the plumbing infrastructure.

Top causes of Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley slab leaks?

Our leak detection experts have found the top three causes of slab leaks in Thousand Oaks homes are:

One: The underground hot and cold water system is made of soft copper tubing, that comes in rolls. The plumbers rolled it directly into the soil, touching rocks or coming up through concrete. Overtime, the concrete and rock eat away at the copper pipe causing pinholes.

Two: Hard water. The city water is very hard on copper pipes. Chloramines in the water along with calcification overtime cause pin holes.

Solution: Install a whole house water filter system to condition the water. A whole house water filter system costs anywhere between $2,500-$8,500.

Three: A recirculating system offers a nice convenience by giving you hot water fast and saving water. The big problem is that it causes pinhole leaks in your water system. In fact recirculating systems are probably the most damaging to water pipes, and cause more leaks in Los Angeles than any other source.

Solution: Install a timer at the pump for about 25. You can go to a local hardware store and buy one off the shelf. Set the timer to turn on and off the pump to your lifestyle. This preserves the lifespan to your water system dramatically. Also, verify that your pump head is not a high velocity pump, make sure your pump is a low head. The faster that pump is moving that water, the faster you’re going to have leaks.

Thousand Oaks leak detection costs

Slab detection in the Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley areas can range from $250-$650, with an average of about $400.

The good thing is that this is covered by insurance if you have significant water damage. Twin Home Experts in facts offers FREE leak detection detection services in Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Ventura areas. We bill your insurance and give that money back to you when we do your water damage restoration for your home.

Best leak detection companies in Thousand Oaks

  1. Pinpoint Leak Detection
  2. Dutton Plumbing
  3. Curmax Leak Detection
  4. Twin Home Experts- We are the only full service company that can help you from start to finish and help file the insurance coverage for your slab leak.


If you hire the right leak detection company with plumbing experience, you can protect your investment by installing preventative measures and adding more protection to your underground water system.

We have a competitive advantage that homeowners love in Thousand Oaks; we are truly a one stop shop.

We handle the leak detection, water damage restoration, billing your insurance and putting your house back to the way it was.