LOS ANGELES – As we strive to find more ways to help homeowners with mold issues, Twin Home Experts is proud to once again be at the leading edge of technology when it comes to fighting mold in Los Angeles. We are now one of a few companies that provides a dual dry fog technology to help combat mold more easily.

This new technology is in two steps, with InstaPURE and EverPURE. This means we can fight mold without having to demolish rooms the old way, such as expensive cabinets and counters in kitchens that would need to be rebuilt, since the dry fog will be able to access cracks with less damage to the owner’s property.

“We’re always looking for innovative ideas to be able to provide the best customer service. The way technology is going, it’s also going to the mold industry as well. It allows us to save them money on major deconstruction and reconstruction. I’m able to clean a kitchen out without demolishing the whole kitchen like other companies,” says owner Jim Scheulke. “In the old way, we offered clients a wet fog, which required cabinets, furniture, everything to be removed to get to where the mold is. We don’t have to do severe demo now. This is microscopic and it will follow wherever the mold is, into all the nooks and crannies.”

This new dry fog technology can save the homeowner money, time and the hassle of demolishing part of a room like a kitchen to treat the mold, and then rebuilding the kitchen, which adds labor and time to the project. We can do the job in less time with this technology, and homeowners can get rid of mold in a way that’s less stressful in terms of having to rebuild rooms.

“Results are amazing,” Jim says. “This guy out of Utah invented this because hospitals require this especially in operating rooms and they would have the test prior to operations and the results were off the charts. The first dry fog is Everpure which sanitizes everything and the second is the coating, so it coats the walls and eradicates all the mold and bacteria, so you can leave all your personal items, bedding, carpets, anything, it eradicates.”

We Deliver One More High-Tech Way to Fight Mold
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