When it comes to water intrusion into your home, especially rain water, it is an overwhelming event.

Twin Home Experts has performed over 3,000 water intrusion projects, and we have been hired on many jobs as a water intrusion specialist to facilitate exterior waterproofing contractors.

Stucco, window, sliding glass door contractors and deck waterproofing contractors who oftentimes point the finger at each other leave the homeowner to ultimately find a rain leak detection specialist, or a water intrusion specialist to jump in and save the day.

Depending on your leak detection issue it’s not always easy to find the right water intrusion specialist or leak detection specialist for your needs.

Case Study: Venice Beach Rain Leak Detection Specialist

Our customers just finished building their dream home, a very contemporary home with the exterior wall finish in a smooth grey stucco with multiple windows and sliding glass doors. It rained 6 months into moving in, and they woke up to water intrusion leaking into their dining room, they immediately called their contractor because they had a warranty in place.

The contractor brought out his stucco, window and sliding glass subcontractors, who all came out and perform their own leak detection. They ALL said their work was fine, but blamed one another.

The contractor, just as frustrated that he could not locate the issue after running multiple tests, agreed to have our clients find a Los Angeles leak detection company to pinpoint the leak.

So being unable to find the leak, our customers searched Google by using the keywords “Los Angeles leak detection companies near me.” The only leak detection experts who popped up were plumbers or people that don’t specialize in water intrusion. They even called American Leak Detection, who is the largest leak detection company in the nation.

Thanks to our Twin Home Experts plumbing channel on YouTube, they saw our various videos on rain leak detection and they called in the Twins.

Finding The Leak

We have to be honest, after speaking to all the subcontractors on what they did and why it’s not their issue, they actually ran some great water tests and it made sense. They even rented some specialized equipment to find the breaches, and nothing.

water intrusion specialist

So, we took a step back after taking in all the information from the subcontractors and figured out that this leak was a small leak that needed heavy rains in order for the water intrusion to come through. We also figured out our leak detection strategy compared to what the subcontractors already did.


We built proper containments inside the dining room, we opened up ceiling and wet walls, we set up dry down equipment and extracted all the excess moisture from substructure, and basically performed the water damage restoration that needed to be done.

Once everything was dry and we were able to get a complete visual inside the substrates, we went on the hunt.

We were hired as water intrusion experts and stuck in the middle of stucco, window and sliding glass doors, we had to isolate each material to pinpoint the cause. We decided to seal off each material (stucco to window, window to sliding glass door) so we could document and prove.

After doing the sealing off of each materials, and aggressive water leak tests were already done, we decided to go with smoke testing.

We injected smoke into the isolated areas and bingo! We jump up with joy and our customer finally had a smile on their faces.

The leak was coming from two places – the waterproofing around the expansion stucco joint and above the sliding glass doors from waterproofing.

So, the stucco and sliding glass door subcontractors were on the hook. We showed them our documentation and they were impressed. They went to work resealing, we came back and retested – problem solved.

Must Follow: Money Saving Tip

We hear all the time from homeowners that are frustrated that they have spent thousands of dollars to contractors to stop the leaks and the leak and water is still coming through their basement, ceiling or walls. The issue here is these contractor are probably great at their job, but they are NOT leak detection experts, so they jump to assumptions and most of the time miss. Save yourself money and a headache by hiring a leak detection specialist.

Case Study: Simi Valley Water Intrusion Specialist

In our last case study, those homeowners in Venice were under warranty, so they didn’t pay a dime, but most of the time we’re dealing with water intrusion leaks, rain leaks or plumbing leaks causing damages that are not even covered with homeowners insurance.

In Simi Valley we had a customer who has been dealing with a leak for 4 years. He spent $16,000 dollars to solve the leak, and it’s still leaking when it rains.

rain leak detection specialist window leak test

He went on to Google and found us on Yelp for rain leak detection in Simi Valley.

We found the leak in four places within three hours of running our isolated rain leak detection tests.

This is why you should never spend money until you verify and confirm where the leak is, or tell your contractor to put in writing that they GUARANTEE their work will stop the leak or it’s free.

Twin Home Experts is the only company that offers a GUARANTEE or the leak detection is free.

If our customer here in Simi Valley would have called in a leak detection specialist first to pinpoint the leak, he would have saved $14,000. That is a lot of money!


Don’t make assumptions, hire an expert leak detection company near you and make sure you get to the bottom of where the leak is coming into your home.

Then, hire that contractor to fix the actual leak, and do a retest leak testing before you pay the contractor in full to confirm it is permanently fixed.

What Does Leak Detection Cost

This can range from $900 to $5,500 depending on water damage, demolition and the difficulty of the leak. We are one of the only Los Angeles leak detection companies that offer full service from water damage restoration, mold removal, rain and leak detection to water proofing.

his offers peace of mind with our customers, so they’re not having to deal with multiple companies pointing the finger at each other. It’s one call!

Twin Home Experts is here for you, and hopefully this gave you some insight on how to deal with your water intrusion and leak detection needs.