What you need to know before you hire

Here at the Twin Home Experts, we have performed over 1,300 mold jobs in Simi Valley, from mold inspections, mold testing and mold removal.

This post will help guide you in choosing the right company, and provide you some of the processes in mold removal. We will answer questions from Simi Valley, California property owners who we’ve worked with.

How do I know if I have mold? – Linda C., Fitzgerald Rd

This is a great question, we helped Linda by asking a few questions on the phone first in order to prepare ourselves prior to our arrival to her home.

Twins asked Linda, “Do you see visible mold?”

Linda: No, but I can smell musty damp odor, and I’m very concerned as our family is not feeling well.

Twins: Okay, so the best way to approach your situation – we recommend going out and inspecting your home. Locate possible water sources, and perform some mold testing to determine if there is an issue.

Linda: Ok, how much does that cost?

Twins: Depending on how many samples we need to take, with our inspection and testing it can range from $125-350. We can receive the mold results from our third party accredited mold lab within 48 hours. This will tell us everything, and determine if you really need mold removal.

I have mold under kitchen sink, how much to treat it? – John O., Los  Angeles Ave

When it comes to kitchen sink mold removal, there are a few determining factors.

  1. What was the cause of the leak, and how long has it been leaking?
  2. Is it drain water or fresh water?
  3. Do you need leak detection?

These make a big difference in treatment, which affects the price. You want to make sure that as you’re getting quotes, you and the Simi Valley mold removal company know the answer to these questions.

We have detected a leak, treated the mold damages and mold tested after completion, for as high as $4,200 and as low as $950.

We are big believers in water proofing kitchen sinks after remediation is completed.

Check this video out here

Simi Valley Mold Removal Process

What is the mold removal process? – Tina W., Vallejo Ave

The Mold removal process is a little different, as every mold damage situation is unique. The process can take up to 5 days if the mold contamination is severe.

Here are the basic steps

  1. Detect water source and repair it.
  2. Place air scrubber devices with PURE HEPA filtration. This begins to clean the air inside the property.
  3. Build critical barriers around the contamination areas with thick plastic that is tightly sealed.
  4. We begin the process by using our dry fog, which attacks the mold, and neutralizes the mold spores.
  5. Start removal of contaminated materials, bagging and disposing off site.
  6. Once we have materials such as dry wall removed, we then use our amazing rapid mold removal solutions.
  7. Take our mold samples to verify that we captured all the mold, using a third party accredited mold lab.
  8. Once mold is clear, we provide our warranties and certificate.

How do I know the mold won’t come back again? – Melinda B., Crosby Ave

You want to make sure whoever you hire provides you with a guarantee. Twin Home Experts is a BIG believer in finding the water source.

That’s why when we started our business in 1982, we not only wanted to be able to be great at treating the mold, but be great in detecting the water source, no matter where it’s coming from, that’s causing the mold in the first place.

Can I just remove the mold myself using bleach?- Fay V., Wallace St

You can attempt removing the mold yourself, depending on the severity – but do not use bleach!

Bleach will cause the mold to grow much more aggressive, the water components in bleach feed the root of the mold. If you’re going to try to do it yourself, you’re better off using a product like RMR.

Make sure you wear the proper protective equipment like eye wear, bodysuit, rubber gloves and a mask.

I rent here in Simi Valley and my landlord is not responding, what do I do? -Eric B., Yosemite Ave

We assisted Eric by informing him to send a letter via certified mail, putting the landlord on notice.  The next step is documenting with photos.

We took mold air samples and received results from a third party mold lab, and we sent a full report.

The fees were deducted from next months rent, the landlord responded immediately and took care of the situation.

So, put them on notice in writing and take those simple steps, it works 99% of the time. The out of pocket expense ranges from $89 to $350 depending on if it’s visible or non-visible mold.

Twin tips: Finding the right Simi Valley mold removal company

  1. Ask if they’re fully insured, certified and bonded.
  2. Make sure they know how to detect the water sources and fix the repairs, you want a company that can warranty ALL of the work.
  3. Make sure they provide options, most companies want to just demo and remove everything,  leaving you with putting it all back.
  4. Ask if they work with insurances.
  5. Ask about their warranties and guarantees.
  6. Make sure there are no scare tactics to try to win over the job.


Finding a Simi Valley mold removal, inspection and testing company takes a little bit of research. However, finding an all-in-one company – that can detect the water source and fix it, treat the mold and put everything back to its original state, is a company that you should try to engage with.

If you’d like to have the Twins come out and provide you with some options on your mold issue, please feel free to contact us, we are always in the neighborhood.

Thank you for visiting our site today. Call for help at 818-623-8739 or text us at 818-402-8682.