Twin Home Experts would like to take a time out, and get down to the number one question we get all the time.

What do you charge for a bathroom remodel?

After the completion of over 200 bathroom remodels – from small bathrooms to big master suites, we’ve got the answer!

Let’s get right to it and break it down with different sized bathrooms – from just updating your bathroom all the way, to a complete remodel. Hopefully we cover what you are specifically looking for with the different bathroom remodel projects listed below.

Update existing bathroom only

This is something we do all the time; leaving the existing bathroom flooring, vanity and toilet, but completely removing the old tub/shower area to do a complete replacement. We call this area the 3 wet walls. This is by far the most expensive bathroom remodel cost per sq. foot.


  1. Protect flooring, building a zipper door, plastic dust prevention containment area: $350
  2. Bag seal and haul away debris from job site: $150
  3. Replace wood rot, mold removal and water damage if applicable: $700
  4. New plumbing, upgrade drain and new shower/tub valve: $1,200
  5. New tub: $950
  6. New tile, walls, labor and materials: $5,782
  7. New shower door: $1,200

Here are a couple 3 wet wall remodels we have done recently.

Your average grand total from the above breakdown with your new, fresh looking shower or tub with tile walls comes in at $202/month for 60 months at a 5.99% interest rate, or cash out would be $9,382 to $10,332.

If your asking “Why does a bathroom remodel cost so much just for this area and not the rest?”

If you want your Los Angeles bathroom contractor to do a great job, and if your going with someone who has been around for more than 10 years, this means that he is paying several costs to do the job. 50% of that above total is going out the door to pay direct labor and materials. The contractor has not made a penny!

After that, another 38% goes out the door to pay overhead like the following:

  • owners salary (120k per year)
  • retirement (12k per year )
  • Liability insurance
  • Work comp
  • Secretaries
  • telephone
  • rent
  • truck maintenance
  • marketing
  • accounting
  • legal
  • tools

The contractor has only covered his expenses at this point. Now, if the job goes perfect, then the bathroom contractor makes a net profit of 12% which equals $1,239.

So, now that we’ve given you full transparency with a complete breakdown of a bathroom remodel update on the wet area only, let’s move to a full complete master bathroom costs.

Full master bathroom remodel

So, the new tub to shower conversion or new tub/shower area is coming in at $9,300-10,300.

This investment stays the same for a master bathroom full remodel. We now need to add the following:

  1. Bathroom tile flooring remove and replace: $1,500.00 for 5x7 bathroom. Larger could go to $4,500  (labor and materials)
  2. New vanity:$1,500 (labor and installation)
  3. Drywall patching: $700
  4. Prime & painting: $700
  5. Baseboards: $350
  6. New toilet: $450 (material & installed )
  7. Electrical: $1,500 – 4 recessed LED lights and a fan (Labor and materials)
  8. Grab bars, towel bars and toilet paper holder: $300.00 installed
  9. Mirror above vanity: $200-1,200


  1. Pocket doors: $1,300
  2. Heated floors: $2,500
  3. Rain shower head and hand held spray: $800

A full bathroom or a master bathroom remodel, depending on the size bathroom you have can cost anywhere around $25,000-45,000.

Here is a bathroom we just finished in Los Angeles that costs around $44,672.

I like using investment instead of costs, because it’s very true that investing in your bathroom does give you not only a place you are going to use and love, but it gives you the a better ROI than any other investment out there. The cost of living continues to go up, so the longer you wait, it will end up costing you more.

We hope this post gave you some help understanding the typical Los Angeles bathroom remodel cost. Give us a call if you need more help, or would like a no obligation free estimate for your bathroom remodel here in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita or Ventura County.