Twin Home Experts has been taking the “There’s water leaking into my house” calls for over 25 years. We have seen rain water seeping into the home with most roofers, leak detection companies and plumbers scratching their heads trying find these mysterious leaks causing major damage to a home.

Rain Leak Detection

We have been getting calls from contractors who have given up and need help. So they reach out to us to either join forces, or hire us to consult them on how to find that rain or plumbing leak in their home.

Case study: Rain leaking into my home through windows and sliding glass doors

Park City, Utah – The Norris Family

They just had their dream home built and moved in. A year later, a big rainstorm came and water was seeping in through the west exterior walls. They called their contractor back because the home was still under warranty.

He brought in the stucco subcontractor, the window subcontractor and the waterproofing subcontractor to check it out. They were all pointing fingers at each other, leaving my customer with no results. Mind you, they each did their own testing and ALL stated their work was fine.

We get a phone call, with absolute frustration from our customer, in desperate need of help and assurance in finding these leaks seeping into the home from rain water.

Twin Home Experts showed up with a team and our rain leak detection instruments, on a mission to find these leaks.

We started with some questions and pictures from the customer.

Twins: Did the rain water leak into the home right away?

Norris: No, it took about 2 hours after it rained until we saw water seeping in

Twins: Where did you first see the rain water leaking?

Norris: Above the sliding glass doors, then at the bottom of the doors

We then looked at the videos and photos to see how the water was migrating through the structure.

We mapped out the wettest areas of the affected areas using a moisture meter. Then we built proper containments to protect the home from dust and possible toxic mold growth, and opened and exposed the substructure in the dining room above the sliding glass doors.

After the containment was established, we started from the lowest point, and isolated each area outside and reenacted rain with our specialized hydrostatic tips, in 15 minute increments. We discovered and were able to pinpoint the leaks.

Documenting with video and photos, upon completion of finding the leak we met with contractors and showed them our findings. It was the window company who did not waterproof around the windows properly.

Case study: Rain water leaking through walls and floors

Salt Lake City, Utah

Rain leaking through a home causing water damage to walls and floors.

We arrived at a rain leak causing water damages to the walls, our customer stated that no one has been able to locate it. “I have spent so much money with these so-called experts,” she said.

We felt her frustrations, so we offered a GUARANTEE, if we don’t find this rain water leak, you don’t owe us a dime!

She smiled and said, “You got it.”

Following our protocol we got to work, but with a different strategy because the leak was only going into the living room wall, not her ceiling. We measured out the wall inside the home, then marked out on the roof where that wall was.

We did not want to cause more water damage, because of the expensive wallpaper and wood flooring, so we performed a smoke test.

We built our containment, exhausted a plastic flute to the outside, then set up a HEPA air scrubber machine inside the containment. After that, we set up the smoke machine on the roof and built our sealed balloon and injected the smoke directly above the precise measured location, BAM! We found the breech at the weep screed of the pony wall.

The weep screed was repaired, we retested and problem was permanently solved.

**Contractors assumed it was the roof, but in fact it was just above the roof line. Water was seeping above the clogged weep screed back into the wall.

Case study: Water leaking between wall and foundation

Heber, Utah – Rain leak detection

Our customer, Mrs. Webster, continued to have rain water seeping into her basement. She has spent thousands for contractors to assume and patch up areas that looked to be the cause, but when rain comes pouring down rain water leaks into her home. Frustrated, she went online and found Twin Home Experts.

We arrived and found that the bottom of the baseboards and walls up 12 inches from the floor were wet.

Setting up containments assuming mold was present, we then put the proper air scrubber machines in place, and went right into the removal of baseboards and demoed wall across 20 ft.

This is the most important step in pinpointing leaks, when drywall is removed this gives complete visual inside the wall, allowing precise detection of water migration.

We ran our hydrostatic water test on the exterior, and found that the waterproofing membrane was NOT holding up properly because it was not overlapped.


Use a deco seal directly to surface, then apply a rubberized membrane instead of a tar based application. The tar based fails after a few years, and the outside element always breaks down these type of materials.

When it comes to your rain, water or gas leaks in the Salt Lake City, Park City and Heber Valley areas Twin Home Experts is always here to help.