Here at the Twin Home Experts, we truly consider ourselves crawl space experts, as we’ve cleaned thousands of crawl spaces throughout the metro Los Angeles area. We’ve seen some immaculate crawl spaces. We’ve also seen some very nasty crawl spaces with dead rodents, sewer water, mold, efflorescence, old plumbing pipes left from plumbers, active leaks, smashed AC ducting; the list goes on and on.

Home owners don’t inspect under crawl spaces often, they walk around the house above and all of a sudden, they get a whiff of something, perhaps dampness, rotten egg, musty or moldy odors. This is where the investigation begins.

How do I know my crawl space is a problem? – Jenna. Venice, CA

Crawl spaces become an issue when the indoor breathing space above is impacted. Such as mold cross contamination moves up into the walls, or inside the home or when the AC ducts have holes and the dust is being sucked up into the vents of the home.

Other signs are when our customers are getting allergic reactions towards something that is not visible inside the home, but feel better when they’re away.

One way to determine is an indoor air test and if it comes back positive for mold or dust mites.

Why does a clean crawl space matter? – Garry N., Northridge, CA

Many Los Angeles property owners think of a crawl space as a nothingness, or, at the very least a very unimportant part of their home. What most of our clients don’t know, but we love to educate on, is the importance a crawl space to indoor air and the structure safety.

Top 10 things we see in crawl spaces you should worry about

  1. Animal infestation and contamination
  2. Mold
  3. Water damage
  4. Slow Leaky pipes
  5. Smashed AC ducts
  6. Wet insulation or insulation on soil
  7. effervescent along footings
  8. Dry rot on wood framing
  9. Wet shower pans that are leaking
  10. Cracked cast iron pipes leaking

How do I choose a Los Angeles crawl space cleaning company? – Pete M., Compton, CA

There are a few factors when choosing one.

For example, our customers choose us because we have the advantage of having our C36 plumbing license, our C20 HVAC license and our mold cleaning certification. We can test for mold and we have the vehicles to load and haul trash. We also have a water damage certification, so we can take on sewer water cleaning and extraction.

You want to choose a company that has at least three of these credentials. Also, you want a company that is going to be fully transparent with showing you all before and after photos. We actually show our customers using a sewer camera & tv monitor, so they get a true look without having to crawl.

How much does a crawl space cleaning cost in the Los Angeles area? – Betty. Calabasas, CA

Basic cleaning: A basic cleaning, which is anything left on the soil, such as old pipes, trash, old insulation, treat wet soil can range from $350-$2,500.

Sewer water clean up: Depending on how far it’s spread and how much sewer water there is, if it contains poop, toilet paper etc. this can range from $550 to $5,400.

Mold crawl space clean up: Mold in a crawl space comes in many forms. The worst is Poria, this can cause major damage to a crawl space. Cost can range from $1,800.00-$15,000 (t’s rare, but does exist).

When it comes to black mold in a crawl space, this is typically localized and can cost from $400-$8,500.

*Cost is also affected by access. Some crawl spaces have standing room, some crawl spaces you have to slither your way through, hindering your workflow.

How do I know if I have mold inside my home from the crawl space? – Jennifer B., Studio City, CA

One way is to inspect the inside of the home to make sure there are no signs of water or moisture. If the signs all check off okay, then performing a mold air test inside can assist in determining if the crawl space is impacting the indoor air. That cost can range from $189-$389.

What do I do if the crawl space has affected my indoor air? – Barbara S., Canoga Park, CA

Once the crawl space is clean, then placing an air scrubber with HEPA filtration for up to 72 hours will most often clean the home air inside.

What if my crawl space access is inside my home? – Lilly H., Hidden Hills, CA

Here in the Los Angeles area, access points to crawl spaces vary from outside to inside. If it’s inside, make sure the guys you have coming to check it out use floor and wall protectors such as 6 mil poly plastic. Make sure they cover your clothing and personal belongings if it’s in a closet.

Make sure they place an air scrubber near the opening. This way it can pick up all the dust, debris and potential molds as they are coming in and out. Also make sure they use the right bags to dispose.

How long does crawl space cleaning take? – Rich W., Glendale, CA

Like the pricing, there are several factors that impact the time a cleaning takes. It depends on the cleaning, how much debris there is under the crawl space, and how large of an area needs done.

On average, it can take 2 to 4 days to complete. With mold and water added, it can take a few days longer.

Twin Home Experts are here to assist you in any of your crawl space needs. Please feel free to contact us at anytime, as always thank you so much for visiting our site today.

Crawl Space Cleaning In Los Angeles
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