House Eating Fungus, Poria Incrassata, Causes Major Damage At Home Of Judy And Walter Moore

Ron Dicker wrote a story about the Moore’s in Los Angeles who suffered a huge financial loss of $350,000 of Poria Incrassata damage to their home. They filed a claim with their liability insurance, who only covered $18,000 worth of damages vs the $350k that was needed to rebuild their home.

Twin Home Experts has been helping customers get insurance coverage for water damage and mold removal for over 20 years, but when it comes to Poria Incrassata insurance coverage it’s a challenge.

The reason for that is most insurance companies don’t cover this long term damage.

poria incrassata in home

Poria Incrassata is not a sudden cause, so it falls under long term damage coming from the outside. It also falls under negligence. The argument from the insurance is, “Why didn’t the homeowner maintain the house?”

So, when it comes to filing an insurance claim for Poria Incrassata eating your house alive, you may need to have an expert like Twin Home Experts step in and assist you before making that call and filing a claim. This is when you also may want to consider hiring a public insurance adjuster. These type of companies know all the loopholes in the policy that most homeowners are not aware of.

Poria Incrassata Damage: What Causes It

The cause of Poria Incrassata is still completely unknown. It is said that it was brought over by the soil that was transported from the woods into Southern California soil.

This explains why Poria is an anomaly – the only way to really catch this vomit, spitting fungus is to do routine inspections to your under structure, especially if your home is older with wood structure close to the soil.

If you have vegetation growing up against the homes foundation, this can instigate Poria to grow into the structure.

First Step

There is one thing homeowners should immediately do when they have this fungus growing into their home while they’re waiting for an expert to come over to evaluate.

The best thing you can do is pump heat into the affected rooms to stop the fungus from growing. Poria needs water to survive, so by stripping the moisture out is actually stopping the growth of 2 to 4 inches per day.

After you’ve got the heat established, call in an expert to properly diagnose and set a protocol in place.

Twin Home Experts is used to traveling to help set these protocols in place, being that most mold remediation companies don’t have the skill set to treat, locate the source and reconstruct it in such a way that it prevents Poria from coming back into the structure.

Cost of Poria Incrassata Removal

This is a very hard question to answer without seeing the actual migration of Poria into your home’s structure. There are so many factors that dictate this price of removing Poria.

The average that job that we have seen with all our projects have been anywhere from $4,000 to $50,000.

Twin Home Experts can be contacted for further help on your Poria Incrassata challenges.

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