Twin Home Experts Leak Detection has been around the Los Angeles area for over 25 years, performing thousands of leak detections, but also plumbing repairs and water damage restoration services.

We have seen the industry change, with new leak detection experts coming and going. Pinpoint Leak Detection has been around a very long time, specializing in leak detection only.

We love the name Pinpoint leak detection. It’s a great name and offers peace of mind when it comes to finding a leak in your home.

What we have in common:

  • Both cover San Fernando Valley, Ventura and Los Angeles areas.
  • Both use the same non-invasive leak detection equipment from GOLDAK – a local distributor who sells the best leak detection technology.
  • Both offer sewer camera inspections.

What are the differences?

pin point leak detection in lost angeles

Pinpoint Leak Detection

We actually voted Pinpoint Leak Detection as on of the BEST Ventura County leak detection companies in 2017.


  1. FAIR Pricing
  2. Specialize in leak detection ONLY
  3. Been around for over 16 years
  4. They offer pool leak detection


  1. Not licensed to do plumbing repairs
  2. Doesn’t bill to insurances
  3. Doesn’t perform water damage restoration, they subcontract this work out
  4. Not certified in mold remediation
  5. Does not have a B license
  6. Does not do drywall patching or reconstruction repairs

The Twin Home Experts

Twin Home Experts Leak Detection


  1. Over 700 online reviews
  2. Licensed in plumbing C-36, water damage and mold removal/remediation
  3. General contractor with B license
  4. Free leak detection with water damage or mold removal project
  5. Bills insurance
  6. Files insurance claim and helps facilitate the entire claim
  7. Drywall patch and reconstruction
  8. In business since 1982
  9. We offer more leak detection home services then anyone in Los Angeles


  1. NOT just a leak detection company
  2. Don’t have 5 star yelp account, have 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  3. We don’t do pool leak detection

Leak detection equipment

Twin Home Experts believes in having and using state of the art leak detection equipment.

We love using GOLDAK equipment.

They provide the best of line tracing and acoustic equipment on the market. GOLDAK leak detection is also a local company to the San Fernando Valley area. So, if you live in Los Angeles or the Ventura County area and need leak detection equipment, GOLDAK is by far number one.

They also provide repairs on leak detection equipment with a quick turn around. If you can’t find the leak, GOLDAK will come out and locate that leak too.

Leak detection equipment cost with GOLDAK can set you back $2,800 for the entire kit.

goldak equipment

What does leak detection cost?

Leak detection costs anywhere between $99 and $650 here in Los Angeles or the San Fernando Valley. Pinpoint Leak Detection average charge for leak detection is approximately $250 to $350.

So, as you can see, you can’t go wrong choosing either Twin Home Experts or Pinpoint Leak Detection to locate your leak in your home or business.

The big difference is that if you have damages to your property, you may consider Twin Home Experts, so you’re not having to deal with multiple subcontractors.

Twin Home Experts is always here to help and offer full transparency in our water damage, plumbing, bathroom remodel and mold removal industry here in Los Angeles.

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