Here at our Twin Home Experts Los Angeles Mold Inspection and Testing Department, our customers ask several questions prior to booking. Today, I will answer those questions.

When it comes to mold in your Los Angeles property, there are two parts to the visit. We first fully inspect the suspect areas, with moisture reading instruments, in-wall micro mold cameras, bright LED flashlights, and we may have to remove some small materials in order to properly investigate and determine the next steps.

During the initial inspection, it’s also imperative that we locate possible sources that could be causing the mold growth. We look for dew point or humidity levels, potential plumbing issues, or anything in the localized area that would produce high moisture levels.

One of the competitive advantages that we have over our competition is we are not only certified in mold, but we also have extensive knowledge of leak detection and have a C-36 plumbing license & B license to repair and restore the issues. We feel that this is just as important as to inspecting and testing for mold.

How long does Los Angeles mold inspection & testing take?

This can vary depending on what we’re inspecting, how many samples were testing and what type of samples we’re taking. If it’s just one area, for example a bathroom, this can be as little as 30 minutes or up to one hour.

When performing an air test, it’s typically three samples. Each sample for the equipment to acquire the air is approximately 3 to 5 minutes each, depending on the calibration setting on the air mold sampler.

A swab sample takes only a minute, as we simply swipe the visible growth a few times prior to putting it in the protected cover in preparation for mold lab.

Once the tests are completed, then we drive the samples to our local accredited Los Angeles mold laboratory. The results typically take 24 to 48 hours, which will then be emailed to us directly from lab.

How much does a mold inspection and testing cost for my Los Angeles property?

This can also vary, depending on what we’re inspecting and testing. Some customers just want testing, some clients want both. We have inspection & testing here at the Twin Home Experts for as low as $89.00.

We also have performed inspection & testing for as high as $650.00. This depends on what your goal is – is it a Los Angeles real estate sale, is it a rental or income property, are you renting, are you in a legal case with your tenant or landlord?

Do I always have to test if I see the mold visibly?

Absolutely not, in fact we always recommend just putting that testing cost towards the removal. We often get these calls, where customers are claiming that other mold testing companies are requiring to test in order to provide estimate.

Be cautious, as this could be a way for them to get in the door, so if you see visible mold, then the next step is determining the moisture issue, so if any money needs to be spent, it would be leak detection, not mold testing. The other way to look at it is, save that mold testing fees for a post clearance testing. Once you have chosen the mold removal company, you can test to verify if the mold is completely removed.

Is there a cost difference for mold inspection & testing on a home vs commercial property?

There should be no difference, a structure is a structure. The only difference would be the amount of locations within any building that needs attention. This determines the amount of time, sample lab fees etc.

Can a mold expert come out and just inspect to see if I have mold in my Los Angeles home without any testing involved?

This is a request we get very often, and if there is no visible signs, we certainly can do our best with our instruments. This may require at times, to use our in wall camera, crawl under the house or attic spaces to replace the mold testing portion.

Once we identify a possible source, then a full report will be provided as an inspection service.

Can a mold inspector determine if the mold is toxic or not?

Here in Los Angeles, there are a variety of molds that are very toxic. Particularly with children, elderly and anyone with a weak immune system.

Even experts like us with well over 4,300 mold inspections cannot determine the type or the toxicity level, as most molds are growing & blended together.

Does a Los Angeles mold inspector & tester also treat the mold if found?

This is a topic that some believe it’s a conflict of interest. We truly believe in this digital age, that if companies or individuals are operating out of integrity around the Los Angeles area it will be revealed and exposed online.

There are some really good reputable companies that perform both and some that just focus on testing & inspections only, depending on their business model.

Here at the Twin Home Experts, we do both. Our customers appreciate the fact that we can inspect, test, treat, find the water source, repair the source and finally put their property back to the original condition on all one call.

We always tell our customers they can always hire a Los Angeles third party mold testing to verify our work. If we fail, we go back for free, that’s our Twin guarantee.

Hope this was helpful, we are here to help if you have any further questions or in need of guidance regarding your possible mold or water damage issue, please contact the Twins!