Twin Home Experts invited medical intuitive, chiropractor, applied kinesiologist Dr. Canul to their new Van Nuys showroom, where he did a holistic health and wellness checkup on owner Jim Schuelke.

“I was being evaluated by Dr. Canul and after 20 minutes and without me telling my symptoms to him, he was telling me what my body needed and what I’d been feeling. In addition – blown away at the products I’ve been taking. Products that I thought were good for me weren’t and products that I wasn’t taking enough, I needed more of. I was really blown away by that.”

Afterwards, another employee who had a lot of allergies, saw Dr. Canul as well.

“Immediately I spoke to my twin brother and his wife and they are setting up an appointment for him to come immediately because I was so excited,” Jim said.

Jim was so happy with the visit, that not only did he evangelize Dr. Canul to his brother, but Dr. Canul will now be visiting the showroom at Twin Home Experts regularly in a holistic health and wellness offering, so that everyone in the company can benefit from his medical intuition, and especially be of help through this upcoming flu season and into the new year.

“I think it’s imperative because when you have healthy vibrant employees, that translates into good customer service,” Jim said. “Their work efficiency is also so much better as well as the leave of absence – there won’t be any.”

This is just another way the Scheulke brothers are sharing their passion and compassion proactively with others. In this case, it’s Jim’s passion for holistic complementary wellness, and using natural supplements to help bolster one’s health. Jim, who is no stranger to holistic living, having seen a naturopath for years,  is known to drink the same green drink every day at 10 am, as well as alkaline water he buys at Whole Foods throughout the day (to help alkalize the body).

“Looking forward to his frequent visits because I know that what he has to offer will support everybody’s immune system,” Jim says. “Not only in the office, I’m excited go treat the guys who are out in the field in mold that are exposed daily to black mold, whether it be attics, crawl spaces, under the kitchen sink, this will help build their immune system and prevent anyone getting sick, especially during flu season.”

Hopefully Dr. Canul’s visit will help educate everyone on more holistic techniques and homeopathy remedies as a first line of defense during this upcoming flu season.

wellness checkup with dr canul

Holistic Health and Wellness Checkup with Dr. Canul
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