The past few years Twin Home Experts has been dealing with rain water leaking into homes in Los Angeles.

Top 5 reasons why rain is leaking into your house

1 – Roof leaks

Any roof has a life span. Depending on the type of roof system, you have up to 50 years. Most homes in Los Angeles are coming up to that lifespan. It’s important to check your roof and look for cracks around flashings, inspect roofing materials and make sure your gutters are clean.

2 – Waterproofing

We sometimes see rain water leaking into homes because they do not have a proper waterproofing membrane. Most often, we see that tar based or silicone materials have been used on footings, walls and joints etc.

Overtime this methodology gets compromised by sun, wind and rain. Then, inevitably, water seeps through. It’s so important to use proper waterproofing materials.

3 – Stucco and weep screed

Most people think stucco is what keeps your rain water from leaking into your home, but this is not true.

Stucco actually absorbs the rain water like a sponge, and then the water seeps down into a weep screed. The weep screed then directs it out to your exterior planter bed, driveway etc. If that weep screed is blocked and the waterproofing paper behind the stucco is worn out, then water will seep into your walls and floors.

4 – Windows

Rain water is notorious for leaking into your house walls when your window and weep holes are no longer working.

Conclusion – It’s always a good idea to get a $20.00 moisture detector meter and check your drywall around your windows to determine if you have moisture content.

5 – Area drains

Most people, especially here in Los Angeles maintain their area drains around the house. The area drains that are in the patio, if clogged up, will pool up on a heavy rain. That is going to cause water to seep into the flooring of your home.

Conclusion – Run a camera to verify if you need cleaning. If so, hydro jetting your area drains is a must to properly and effectively remove roots and debris.

If you want to take on the task of being your own rain leak detection expert to pinpoint rain water leaking into your home, here is a video showing a few tricks we use here at the Twin Home Experts. You will see the steps we followed on a recent job, in a home in Santa Monica for rain leak detection.

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