SPOKANE, Wash. – This week, owner Jim Schuelke is on the road, taking over for Dalton, who was here last week, in what is a bit of an overcast Spokane today, to make sure these first jobs here are done properly and to the same standard the Twin Home Experts have come to be known for in Los Angeles.

“We’re doing an attic mold job, the lady is trying to sell her property and she had a pre-home inspection and the inspector said, ‘You have severe mold and you need to hire a professional, so she found us,’” Jim said. “This is our third job here. It’s a new territory for us so we want to make sure we get all the training and processes and procedures in place.”

Jim is prepared to be out on the road for these initial jobs for a while. “For the first year it’s going to be that way because there’s a lot – I’ve got the certifications, the protocols, there’s a lot of establish, because we want the same type of customer service.”

Twin Home Experts will be providing something unusual in this new market of Spokane – anyone with mold issues can just make one call! We’ll take care of the rest! That includes the removal, remediation and repairs, so that you can rest assured and not worry.

“What really separates us from most people in this area is that we not only treat the mold, but we also are experts in the underlying reasons that might’ve created the source,” Jim says, standing by the company van. “Most of the mold remediation companies only remediate the mold, where we’re finding the actual source, fixing the water source, and then treating the mold at the same time.”

We’re the only company of its kind in this space, where most mold remediation companies will do one part of the process like just removing the mold.

“Even in the L.A. there are very few, but in this area there’s not one company that’s going to detect the leak, the water source, remediate the mold and then put everything back, which is the patching and painting, tiling,” Jim says, as he trails off to greet the tile guy for this specific job he’s here for.

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