Poria Incrassata Treatment

At Twin Home Experts, we have performed thousands of toxic mold and fungus removal jobs in Los Angeles. Nothing beats the fight, and most often heartbreaking news, to our customers when they find out that they have Poria Incrassata.

Poria Incrassata – What is it?

This is a ruthless fungus that grows and eats away at your house inside out, as fast as 2 inches per day.

The challenge with Poria is you don’t know you have it until it comes seeping through your structure baseboards or doorways.

Poria eats the wood structure causing major wood rot. This fungus also causes other molds to grow due to the high moisture content that it omits inside your substructure.

Why is it so common in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, Poria Incrassata is prevalent due to the building materials often being right against the soil.

We just finished a job in Los Angeles – we lifted the floors and the wood joists were built directly on the soil. There was Poria growing out of the soil directly into the wood joist as shown in this picture

poria incrassata

Poria Incrassata treatment and removal

The first step is to hire the right team that have experience in this. Do not hire your typical mold removal companies.

Step #1

The first step is to set up heat drying equipment to stop the growth of this monster. Poria does not like, and cannot grow with, heat because it strips the moisture from the structure. Twin Home Experts loves using evolution dehumidifiers. They pump out heat and do a great job with sucking the moisture out of the air and structure.

You will start to see a change within 24 hours. The Poria will change from this healthy, growing, wet fungus into a dried up, decaying, crispy mushroom.

Step #2

If you do not have accessibility under your crawl space, then we recommend removal of the affected flooring, walls and baseboards. This allows for a better assessment.

Step #3

Hire an expert to come out and set a protocol. This Poria expert should be licensed and insured. This is what’s going to protect you as a homeowner in the event there is negligence, and removes conflict of interest, with your Poria Remediation company.

We always brings in a third party Poria expert to set the protocol which we follow.

Step #4

Most often the removal can be an easy excavation. Sometimes it can be a challenge of digging and finding the source – which starts from an underground ball of root. When we do find it, it feels like hitting a pot of gold!

If you suspect you’ve got Poria Incrassata – or any other mold – in your home, give us a call!

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