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Hello folks, Jim here with the Twin Home Experts. Today we’re gonna talk about outside mold on stucco. Stucco is a mildly porous material, so the great thing about any fungi growth on outside stucco is it’s not gonna penetrate deeply unless the stucco is completely compromised. In this situation here, you can see that there’s a pretty big strip there, and what’s happened is over time, water, rain, washing down sidewalks. Dirt becomes stuck onto the stucco, causing that organic matter, that food source for mold to grow on.

So, a rule of thumb is to really keep your sidewalks clean and keep the stucco clean, otherwise you won’t have that issue. In this case, for removal and for preventative, the best thing to do is come in with a pressure washer, remove the topical biofilm of the mold, and then come in with an inhibitor, a mold inhibitor product that’s going to prevent the food source and the mold from growing. So, just wanted to give you a quick tip on prevention of mold and keeping mold away from your outside stucco home. Thank you very much.