How To: Restore Regular Water Flow

It can be frightening when you go to use the water, and all of a sudden, water is sputtering out aggressively through a tub spout, a lav faucet, a toilet, and even a hose bib. We just received a call last night from a customer here in Los Angeles that was terrified. As we explained to Tammy, don’t worry; the faucet and pipes are not going to explode.

water sputtering out of faucet

At The Twin Home Experts, we have seen this many times throughout our 25 years of service in the plumbing trade and we are here to walk you through the steps. We even have a quick “how to” video below showing you what to do.

Why Your Faucet Spits Water

First, let’s talk a little about why the sputtering or spitting effect is happening. More than likely, you had your water system shut off and drained entirely by a plumber and/or the city water department was doing some repairs and shut their city water system down. It’s possible that during the regenerating period for the water, an air lock occurred within the closed water system, causing this type of effect.

Never fear! The Twins are here to tell you not to worry! A quick remedy is to start turning on all the fixtures in your home and to begin the bleeding process. The goal is to rid all the air out of your water pipes until the water stream is coming out evenly from the spout.

The sputtering can occur only on the hot side. This would mean that the hot water side was shut down. So, the same rules apply: turn on the hot side of the fixtures until an even stream of water discharges.

Now, if you want to prevent sputtering from happening, before you shut the water down, the best thing you can do is shut the system off and open all the fixtures in the home to bleed out the water. Perform your plumbing repair, and when completed, turn the water back on very slowly, allowing the air to exit the system. Then, you can go throughout your home and begin turning each fixture off.

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When it comes to preventing sputtering toilets, the Twins’ trick here is when you shut the water off, flush the toilet. When you turn the water back on, this will allow you to fill the flush valve inside the tank, releasing the air with it at the same time.

Here is another Twin Home Experts’ tip when it comes to sputtering water: When a Los Angeles plumber services your water system, make sure you remind them to bleed out the system when their work has been completed, especially if you are not going to be home during the time that they are going to turn the water back on to your property. This will ensure you come home to normal water flow.

Well, we sure hope this blog was helpful! We want to thank you for reading our blog today, and if you need us for anything more, please feel free to contact us any time.