Older Homes May Experience Problems With P-Traps

At The Twin Home Experts, we have received hundreds of drain calls that pertain to tubs and showers clogging up. We do get a lot of DIY and handymen calling us, stating the following: “I tried snaking out my customer’s shower drain and can’t seem to get the cable through the darn drain” or the customer will call us saying, “Looks like I need a professional because I can’t get the snake through my tub/shower to unclog it.” shower-and-tub-drain-clog

We want to give you some insight as to why it is challenging to unclog these stubborn tub and shower drains. If your home was built before the 1960s, then you likely have iron pipe P-traps. As shown in the video below, these P-traps were made with a U-bend. This U-bend that is beneath every tub and shower drain is important because it keeps those nasty sewer gases from coming into one’s home. However, U-bend fittings can lead to challenges with cleaning drains. Even with years of experience, it can make a professional plumber frustrated with their job at hand.

The best thing to do if you have this issue is to call a professional and have them use their different option equipment and cables. It is also smart to add Bio Clean to the drain. Bio Clean is a wonderful product that is a cure to buildup that may be eating away at the bottom and inner walls of your fitting.

If the P-trap is compromised to the point that it will not clear, then have your plumber crawl the house and video or photograph the P-trap to verify with you that it is an old P-train (that looks like the one in the video below). If it is, then upgrade to an ABS P-trap which looks like this:

image (3)

The cost should range from $350 to $850. If the plumber is there for more work, then it should be on the lower end.

Here is a recent job we did showing exactly what those older P-traps look like and why the homeowner opted to have them replaced. She was tired of tenants complaining of the constant clogs that they were having.

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