Why Do I Have Mold Growing Around My Windows?

We regularly receive calls from customers about not knowing how to deal with mold and water damage. When you see visible signs of mold around your window, the last thing you want to do that most people do is clean it with bleach. That’s because bleach is 95% water. mold-growth-around-windows

The more moisture you feed to the mold contaminating an area of your home, the more it will grow and spread. Not to mention, you could also be cross contaminating other parts of your house by using bleach on mold.

Here’s a short video of a job we had to take care of in Malibu last week, where the owner had tenants move out because mold was growing around windows:


Here are the Twins’ top five reasons as to why you might have mold growing around your window:

  1. Dew point: This is caused by poor ventilation or high humidity.
  2. Leaky window frames: Make sure your window frames are water-tight.
  3. Roof leaks: Make sure that your roof is not compromised.
  4. Outside stucco wall: Make sure that your outside stucco wall or siding is not cracked or porous.
  5. Gutter and drain lines: Make sure that your gutter and drain lines are sealed outside and inside the walls.

Depending on what your situation is like, you might be able to treat mold contamination on your own. If mold has infested a rental property, like our customer in the video above, you may want to hire a professional. This will give you extra insurance, along with a Certification of Completion. If you have several windows that are affected, then we always recommend a whole house cleansing. This will ensure a deep cleaning and safe indoor air quality for your living space.

If you are going to take on the task yourself, we recommend you get a sporcide that is a green product, a HEPA vacuum, and some protective wear like a mask and rubber gloves. There are also products that you can apply that encapsulate the materials for mold to never return, even if there is a leak that comes back.

Thank you for reading our window mold blog today! If you need more help, please feel free to reach out to us. At The Twin Plumbers, we love to help!