What’s the Best Option For Your Home?

When customers call us out to pinpoint where their slab leak is here in California, one of the biggest concerns they have is how it’s going to be fixed. Slab leaks can occur anywhere in the property. In fact just this last week a guy in Los Angeles called us out because he had water pouring out from under his fire place. slab-leak-options

Here at The Twin Plumbers, we wanted to cover the three R’s because, after all, you do have choices when it comes to fixing those underground water line leaks. We have performed over 1500 direct repairs, 2200 re-routes, and 3200 repipes throughout our years of being in the plumbing business.

Each one is a decision that is made based on a few factors: age of plumbing system, finances, insurance coverage, previous leaks, types of materials of flooring, location of the leak, and how long the owner of the property is going to hold on to the property. These are all considerations a leak detection specialist or plumber should provide you when going over your options.

Let’s Cover the Three R’s

Repair: This is when the leak is located, the repair will be performed by trenching a section of flooring approximately 4×4. The pipe will then be cut and a new one will be installed. This is typically the least expensive and most accessible option, especially when you pull a carpet back and do a direct access point from the concrete slab. The cost of this can range from $950.00 to $2,800.00

Re-route: We will use this when the pipe leak is under very valuable flooring or a location that would cost a significant amount to replace or remove. Also, this is an option to consider when multiple leaks have occurred off of the same line. During a re-route, the line would be deleted altogether underground and a new line would be installed up and over or from the pipe in walls from one fixture to another. Cost range is typically $1500.00 to $4,500.00

Repipe: This is an option when so many leaks have occurred that the water system has just failed. A repipe can mean just performing it on the hot side or the cold side. This process involves all the piping underground being deleted and an entire new system would be installed above ground either using the attic space, outside walls, inside walls or even utilizing  outside by way of trenching. This is an option that most customers consider if they are going to hold on to the investment for many years, or if the insurance company denies them home coverage if they do not upgrade the system because of too many claims. Cost range for a repipe is typically $2,800 to $15,000

The best way to understand your choices on the three R’s is to have the plumbing contractor do a thorough walk through with you, let him explain in detail his suggestions and costs. If he has a good handle on your project then he can assist you in making the best educated decision for your finances and property.

Hope this slab leak repair blog was helpful. Please feel free to contact The Twin Plumbers directly to answer any other questions or concerns you may have!