Schuelke Plumber Tips: Choosing the Best Water Heater

You went to jump in the shower for a nice hot shower and when you turned the water on… Uh oh! No hot water!  You go out to check your water heater, only to find it went kaput.  Now you need a plumber!

So you jumped on the internet and found a local plumber only to get a bid from your plumber for $1000-$1500 and you almost fell over!   Is this you? Well we can help.   As a contractor that networks with many contractors all over the U.S. lets go over the question whether you can or should install it yourself.water-heater-replacement

Can I Do it Myself?

Purchasing a water heater is not challenging at all.  Everyone has a local hardware store near them where you can purchase a new hot water heater. As long as you have the correct size (capacity in gallons) and (gas or electric) model, purchasing one is easy.  Transporting the water heater from hardware store to home may be a bit challenging…Make sure to use a truck or borrow one from friend or family. Or you can rent one.

How Do I Install it?

If you are replacing your current water heater, as long as you follow the old footprint it is pretty simple to install it yourself. It is always a good idea to have a friend or family member help because water heaters can be a bit heavy. There are also many instructional videos online on how to install one.

Check Your Local Building Codes

Most areas will allow you to replace your own water heater. The reason to check with your local building codes is because you need to check to see if you need a permit. If you are installing yourself, a permit will give you the surety you did it correctly. And you want to make sure you follow local codes.

You vs. The Plumber

They are still some benefits to hiring the plumber. One of the main ones is they can probably install it much faster due to them doing it more often than you. The plumber will have all the tools to install saving you money on having to purchase your own tools. Most plumbers will give you some type of warranty. So if it ever leaks or has a problem the plumber will fix it.

If you would like to have a professional at The Twins install your water heater for you, give us a call today!