Signs You Have a Slab Leak

Nobody likes to see the monthly water bill go up in surprising cost. Especially when it goes up by a whole lot. Here at The Twin Plumbers we get asked all the time…”Dave and Jim, why is my water bill so high this month?” Being the educators of our industry we’re here to help. So lets go over what it may be.

Is it your main water line outside? Is it an underground sprinkler pipe? A mysterious running toilet? Or a slab leak?

Check out our video here on diagnosing your leak.Let’s start out by looking at your water meter. Make sure everything is off in the home. Sprinkler pipes as well. Then go to your water meter. It’s usually in a concrete box that normally sits ground level out side by the curb. Either side of the driveway.

You will see 2 needles, one long one and the other is more like a small dial. Look at the small dial. If it’s moving, you have a leak somewhere.

The next step is to locate and shut off the main water supply line that isolates the home.  If you need help locating your shut off valve, the above video may help.

Now that you have the water off to the home, go back to the meter and see if the meter is still spinning? If it’s NOT, then that determines the water main pipe is not the cause and is not leaking.

  1. Go ahead and turn the valve back on.
  2. Next, if you have a sprinkler shut off valve, go ahead and shut it off. Go back to the meter box and see if the dial is spinning. If it’s not, then we know it’s not the sprinkler system.
  3. Go ahead and turn the valve back on.
  4. Next lets go into the home. Go to your toilets and shut ALL of them off. By locating the little valve that sits below the left side of the toilet tank, turn it to the off position.
  5. Then go back to the water meter and see if the small dial is spinning. If the dial is still spinning, then it’s NOT your toilets. You can turn the toilets back on.
  6. Next lets go to your water heater and locate the cold water inlet valve. It is usually located at the top right hand side of the heater. Shut that off. Go back to your meter and see if the dial is spinning. If its stops, well that indicates a HOT water pipe leaking underground. If it doesn’t stop, at this point, you may need to have a professional out that can pin point where the leak is.

If you need more help finding your slab leak, or repairing it, call The Twin Plumbers today!