Pipe Corrosion Often Caused by Hard Water

Here at The Twin Plumbers we get many calls from customers in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas with running toilets, popping sound from water heaters, clogged shower heads, leaky washers, pin hole leaks on their pipes the list goes on as to what non treated water does to a plumbing system and appliances.

Most customers think its just the fixtures or pipes corroding, when in fact the main issue is the hard water. Here at  The Twin Plumbers we love providing our customers with many options that are not only affordable but very effective. If you’re one who buys bottled water, has heavy limescale on your faucets and fixtures, takes baths and detects heavy chlorine odors when using your water, then here our  top 3 solutions you can install in your property to affectively  remove the containments and limescale protecting your health and plumbing system.


This whole house water conditioner inline chamber is installed at main water supply, which will effectively control hard water,inhibit corrosion. The water passes through magnetic fields resulting in the calcium & magnesium to stay suspended instead of becoming hard and brittle on your plumbing system,fixtures as well as appliances. This is a great way to remove limescale with no maintenance.


This is a very affordable whole house hard water conditioning footprint device that uses no chemicals and no maintenance is also required. This is also installed inline with the cold water supply to the house.


If your looking for the best of the best in water treatment then installing a HALO 5 is the one, not only conditioning your water, but purifying your water as well. You will never have to buy bottle water,ever have to worry about sediment building in your water heater,fixtures and appliances corroding.

Always remember, there is  a difference between conditioning and purifying your water. So it’s important to know your goals when choosing the right water treatment system for you. We always believe here at twinplumbing to choose one that will be environmentally safe, such as a salt free system.

Well, we hope this was helpful in educating you on what to do to help and prevent limescale. It is our passion here at  The Twin Plumbers to provide the best when it comes to all plumbing!