Schuelke Twin Plumbers: Why You Need a Camera Inspection

We have been a long time premier plumbing vendor for the Coldwell Banker concierge service, representing agents, buyers & sellers during the sales transaction of residential and commercial real estate. One of the essentials of the property inspections is the sewer line and drain system of not only the waste but the outdoor drains as well. Here at The Twin Plumbers, we have inspected thousands of drain lines using our micro camera for small lines, our large colored camera for the larger type lines.

broken pipe underground plumbing inspection

We have seen in our 25 years where sewer camera inspections were not performed prior to acquiring the property and the new owners were faced with huge sewer repair cost that were unforeseen, but could have been prevented with a $250.00 sewer inspection.

Here, in Studio City, it is crucial that property buyers scope all the way to the city sewer, which is called the city saddle connection, which every property owner is responsible for. This overlooked can be a costly price to pay, we have seen new property owners pay as much as $25,000.00 to open the city street and replace the line to the property.Performing a sewer camera inspection requires an open access either from a sewer clean out, which is typically located in the front or back yard, whichever the direction of the main sewer is running.

Another way, is removing a toilet, or entering from a roof vent. If you are a new property buyer, its important to get a sewer eSewerxpert that has good communication skills for reporting, video documentation and one that can provide accurate estimates for the repairs that are needed. This will be advantages for you and your agent representing you in the deal to negotiate against the sellers to assist in the entire cost or partial.

When paying for sewer camera inspection, make sure you have the plumber perform a location of the sewer line, this educates you in understanding how and where it is running underground. Every good quality camera has a transmitter at the end of it and a locator device will track above ground where that camera head is at all times. It will provide the depth of the line as well.

We strongly believe here at the twinplumbers to have a sewer line scoped anytime you have a sewer issue, this is always a good way to know the condition of the line whether your buying, selling or living in the dwelling. Anytime a plumber does any under ground sewer work, its always a good idea for him to run a sewer camera for you to see the quality of work after he has competed the project.

We hope today’s sewer inspection blog was helpful, feel free to contact the Twin Plumbers if you have any further questions, concerns or set up an appointment for a free estimate.