Schuelke Twin Plumbers Provide Tips on How to Turn Off the Water to Your Home

Looking for the main shut off valve to your home? As a company that loves to educate consumers, you have come to the right place – we can help! Here is what you need to do:

Locate the Valves

Valves are usually hidden. In a closet, in the basement, and outside the home. In most cases you will not see the valves conspicuously out in the open.water-shut-off-valve

There are other valves for irrigation lines and pool backflow devices, but they will not look like these valves here to the left. Turning off your pool or irrigation valves will not turn off the water to your home, provided the plumbing was done correctly.

In the states with warmer winter climate, valves can be located outside the home as well. They will come up out of the ground and then go into the home. They are usually in the front or side of the home, but can be located outside as well.

Turn the Valve Off

Gate valves need to be turned clockwise in order to be turned off. Or follow the “righty tighty” “Lefty Loosey” rule.

Turn the valve in the clockwise position until it stops turning. If it continues to spin non stop, the valve is most likely broken, and may need to be replaced.

Ball valves need to be turned off so the handle is vertical or perpendicular to the pipe. This photo below illustrates the valve is in the “on” position.

Once the valve is in the off position the best way to check if it is working properly is to turn on a water faucet in the home to verify the water is off or on.

If you are unable to locate your main water shut off, or you are having difficulty getting the valve to turn on or off, please contact us for further help.

Check out the video above to learn how to turn off and locate your water main. If you need additional assistance, give The Twin Plumbers a call today!