Cost Savings: 9 Easy Ways to Find a Plumbing Leak in Your Home

If your water bill is on the rise, it can be critical to take the right steps to discover if you have a water leak on your property.  Here at The Twin Plumbers we are passionate about educating our customers in Los Angeles.  We do not want our customers incurring costs that are unnecessary.Watch our instructional video here on finding out if you have a slab leak:
If you want to help yourself and detect leaks in your home or on your property try some of these cost saving hints.

  1. One by one turn on all the faucets in your home.  While the water is running move the faucet handle back and forth.  Look for water leakage around the valve stem and faucet spout.
  2. Be sure to check under sinks and cabinets while the water is running to make sure no drain pipes are leaking or dripping.
  3. Plugs/water stopping devices also can leak. If you have lever operated water-stopping devices work them open and closed while the water is running.  Check the movable parts where they connect to the drain system for leaks.
  4. Exterior hose bibbs can be the source of water leakage.  If the handle is not turned off tightly, drips and leaks can occur.  Be sure to check all yard bibs making sure that one hasn’t been left on.   You don’t want to have to pay a service call from a plumber/leak specialist for something so simple.
  5. Placing a dye tablet, food coloring, milk, half and half, or Milk of Magnesia into a toilet tank full of water can detect a tank leak Wait for a few minutes to see if the colored water seeps down into the bowl area.  If it does you will need to repair or replace the flapper valve.
  6. Be sure to run the dishwasher and garbage disposal and check for visible leaks while they are in use.
  7. Look at walls where pipes stick out.  Look for discoloration, moisture and sponginess.
  8. Hopefully, your water heater is equipped with a safety relief valve (known as a temperature/pressure valve).  Be sure to check the exit end of the valve or valve piping for leaks or drips.  If the valve is equipped with a hand operated check lever, flush the valve for a few seconds, ONLY IF IT IS PIPED TO A SAFE AREA.  If not it will run water onto floors or walls.  The valve should not leak.  If it does replace it.
  9. Check your water meter to see if it is spinning.   This takes only about 5 minutes.  Make sure no faucets or hoses are on while you do this.  Once all showers, sprinklers, etc. are off sit and watch your water meter.  If the water meter is spinning and no water is running in your yard or house, this might indicate you have a leak.

The Twin Plumbers want to save you money with plumbing issues at your Los Angeles Property.  By following some of the suggestions shown above you can protect your property and not take a big hit in your wallet.

For more information on saving money, leak detection, or plumbing problems in general, call The Twins today!