Inspect Your Pipes to Determine the Age of Your Plumbing System

Prior to purchasing a home or having uncertainty about leaks, many homeowners will ask this question: How can I tell how old my plumbing is? It is definitely important to know how old your plumbing is to avoid costly water damage to your home.  Because we love to help answer your questions, lets go over a few ways to tell the age of your plumbing. plumbing-inspection-age

You will want to inspect not only the water lines but the drain lines as well.  Typically if you have copper and plastic drain piping you are in good shape.  If you have galvanized and cast iron piping you may need to look into replacement.First, start by looking outside where your main water line enters your home.  This will be in the area where your shut off to your home is.  The piping should be of galvanized or copper material.  The way to tell the difference between the two is to look at the connections of the pipe.  If the piping is joined with threads it is most likely galvanized.  If it has soldered joints it is most likely copper.  Below is a photo for reference.If you have copper, most likely your plumbing does not need replacement.  If you have galvanized, than you may want to budget for replacement.  Galvanized piping corrodes from the inside out, causing major leaks and damage to the home.  Due to the corroding of the interior of the pipe, build up inside the water line can cause the piping to decrease in pressure.  If you have gradual loss of pressure in an older home, you may have galvanized piping.After inspecting the water main outside you will want to check underneath a few of the sink vanities to view the plumbing.  You will notice both drain and water lines under the sink.  Check the water lines.  Look for galvanized or copper piping for the water lines.

When checking the drain you will want to look for cast iron or plastic.

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