Home Flooding Can be Prevented With Outside Drain Maintenance

Here at The Twin Plumbers,  we have been dispatched to many emergency calls from homeowners calling in because their property is being flooded. One of the reasons for this flooding is due to their outside drains overflowing, often due to improper maintenance so that is what we’re here to discuss today.outside drain

The rainy season is around the corner so we wanted to write this blog so you may be prepared and aware. Remember, these drains  are not in use on a daily basis, but are so important in protecting properties,when a storm or hard rain does comes in.

The purpose of an outside drain around a property is to direct the water away from the home or building. Many people neglect keeping these drains clean on a yearly basis, or are not educated as to the type of drains that should be installed until the dreadful time of a hard rain comes in and damages the property by massive water intrusion.We had a call last year in the middle of the night  during a hard storm where 5″ of water covered the entire large master bedroom just because of an outside area drain cover grill was to small and leaves covered the top not allowing the water to flow down. When we arrived, all we did was clean the top off and water immediately went down, so simple, but this caused so much damage.If the right drain cover was initially installed, this would have never happened, or if the property owner knew to remove the cover prior to the rains, this would have never happened, saving thousands of dollars in cost.Like the old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” this is so true when it comes to area drains around your property. Wwe believe here at The Twin Plumbers that a water hose should be inserted and flushing should be performed semi annually and especially right after a rain or storm. Drain covers should be big enough to allow debris to flow through the drain cover , and the drain pipe system should be large enough, as well as have adequate fall for  great flow out to city street or curb. If you have a pumping station, then it’s utterly important to inspect it periodically to verify the functionality of it.

There are times that area drains are made of thin plastic piping,this type of drainage piping allows root intrusion to gain access easily, when this occurs and not dealt with, then nothing but trenching can remedy the situation. There are several options if you catch it in time that can be done such as  Hydro jetting, root extraction, trenchless epoxy lining, pipe bursting to name a few.

If your unsure of the condition of your drains, we highly recommend you call a professional that has a drain camera to fully inspect the line all the way to the end where the water finally discharges, to make sure the pipe and fittings are intact, the lines are clean, and to educate you on the location of the lines so you will have a good understanding of the entire system underground.

Well, we hope this was helpful, if you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us anytime!