Shutting Off Water First Helps Reduce Additional Damage

Here at The Twin Plumbers we love to provide great tips on plumbing. Being in the service and repair plumbing business since 1982 we have come up with many ways to stop water leaks temporary to get our customers through the day or night or help stop the water damage that can happen when it’s inside a wall or ceiling. Sometimes shutting the water down in an entire apartment building or condo complex is not an option to perform the real repair.leak-repair

The best way to stop a leak of course, especially when it’s in your home and its flooding is to shut the water off altogether. This will allow you to decide on your options on you doing a repair or calling out a plumber without creating any damage.

Homeowner Tips on Temporary Stopping a Leak

  1. Depending on size of pipe and leak, cut a piece of an old water hose and use two or three hose clamps over the leak itself, tighten down until it stops.
  2. If its a bigger leak follow the steps of above but add a layer of epoxy putty on top of the leak.
  3. You can buy a pipe clamp specifically for leaks you will need to know your pipe size. The most typical sizes are 1/2″ 3/4″ or 1″ you can buy all three and take the others back or keep them in your tool box in case you have another one.
  4. Magic leak tape is always sold in hardware stores where you wrap the pipe and leak very tightly until the leak stops.
  5. A telescopic coupling is always a good way to temporary stop a leak underground on a plastic PVC pipe. Measure and mark the pipe, cut the leaky pipe out and glue the coupling on to the both ends of the pipe.

We had one call that we arrived where a customer used a diaper wrapped with duck tape to temporary stop the leak. We found it funny but it actually worked, a diaper can hold lots of liquids and it certainly contained the leak until we got there.

When a leak is large, always shut the water off from the closest valve or the meter near the street. The best thing is to call a local plumber who can perform the repair for good and will protect the safety of you and your property.

We appreciate you reading our blog today and feel free to contact The Twin Plumbers for any plumbing advice!