Getting Down to Brass Tacks With The Twin Plumbers

Making connections to any plumbing system the proper way is critical. Today we want to focus our attention on copper pipe, brass and galvanize pipe and fitting connections to a water system.

Underground PVC sewer pipe

There are a lot of DIY people out there who sometimes are just wanting to save money from calling a plumber, feel that they are knowledgable to take on any plumbing task around their property. We have seen some huge mistakes that have cost thousands of dollars in damages by improper connections, especially to a water system that has 80 to 150 psi of water pressure.There is one BIG rule of thumb in plumbing that even plumbing contractors get lazy in doing, or they don’t have the right parts on the truck, so they just gather what they have and put it all together to get to the next call. The big rule of thumb and certainly not approved by any city plumbing inspectors is connecting copper directly into galvanize.

Most people say “use a dielectric union” we here at the Twin Plumbers stopped using those years ago because of the build up that is created in just a few years, especially on the hot side.

The best way to connect the two are to use a brass nipple in between, preferably 6″ long. We have found by installing the correct methods to dissimilar metals, that the water system last a very long time. This also goes for strapping the copper pipe as well. We see a lot where the copper pipes hanging in a sub garage are held by metal hangers, or copper pipes that are installed along a wall metal straps are used to, this also causes electrolysis, affecting other parts of the water system. When this occurs,the owners assume right away that the water system is failing and will all need to be replaced, where one simple low cost method of a installing a pad in between the two metals will stop it all together and save the water system.

So getting down to the brass tacks here, is that brass does not corrode,and should always be used in between dissimilar metals, this is a metal that is also great with gas appliances as well.

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