Trenchless Sewer Repair & Replacement in Los Angeles, CA

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  • Trenchless Sewer Repair & Replacement Near Me
  • Dig-Free Sewer Replacement & Repair
  • Sewer Relining
  • Epoxy Pipe Relining
  • No Dig Sewer Replacement
  • Pipe Bursting

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Trenchless Sewer Repair in Los Angeles, CA

Are you curious as to what situations would require you to need your main sewer line repaired? If so, you’re not alone. Most people are familiar with the normal, everyday clogs you see around your home – too much toilet paper flushed down the toilet, food or hair stuck in the drain – but few probably think about the possibility of their main drain becoming clogged, or even broken.

Well, wonder no more. The most common causes of sewer line problems are:

Tree roots: They are the number one reason for sewer line damage. Roots desire moisture and they’ll go wherever they can get it, even if that means making their way into even the smallest of cracks.
Foreign objects: Items like toothbrushes, children’s toys, etc. won’t dissolve and can become lodged in the line.
Age, deterioration, and extreme changes in temperature: After years of use, these can also cause the sewer line to break.
Ground shifting: If you live in an area where earthquakes are prevalent, it’s even possible for the line to become misaligned due to the ground shifting.

Commercial or Residential Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting trenchless no dig repair is reserved for especially tough jobs, where a pipe is so badly collapsed or vulnerable to outside pressure that a fiberglass sleeve of epoxy coating would fail to inflate. If a pipe is found in that bad a condition, pipe bursting is usually the only course of action we can take to repair it.

Pipe bursting and trenchless dig free epoxy repair are very similar, in that they are both a cheap and fast way to repair your pipes. They require little to no excavation and won’t be disruptive to a job site’s surroundings.

Trenchless Installation Benefits include:

No tearing up yards or driveways
Very little disruption of your normal routine
significant cost savings over other methods, such as sewer replacement
Restoration of structural integrity, prevention of root intrusion and increases of flow capacity
Epoxy pipe lining prevents future leaks and protects you from contaminants
Warranted for as long as you own your home

Trenchless Repair, Replacement and Installation in Los Angeles, CA

The main sewer line runs underground, so now you’re probably thinking: “How do we fix that without ripping apart the yard?” The traditional method of sewer pipe line repair would have had to do just that – tear apart yards and driveways in order to get to the problem area. But not anymore.

Now, there is something called “Trenchless” or “Cured-in-place piping” that resolves that issue. Here’s how the process works:

  1. They will map out the affected plumbing system and devise a plan; Inspect the leaks, clogs, and breaches they identify; Then isolate and drain the piping system to prepare for cleaning.
  2. Pipes are cleared of obstructions and dried with compressed air; Once the pipes are free of corrosion and debris, the epoxy lining can begin.
  3. The epoxy is distributed evenly throughout the pipes using conditioned air; Controlled air flow continues until the epoxy lining is fully cured.
  4. Following the epoxy lining curing process, the plumbing system is refitted with valves and couplings; Our plumbing professionals will perform a leak test, along with other tests to ensure water quality, water volume, and water flow functionality standards are met.
  5. Finally, an in-pipe video inspection will be performed to confirm seamless piping and uninhibited flow.

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