Dalton, Crew Chief

How did you come to work with Jim and David?

I met Jimmy and Dave back in our acting days when we were in our 20s, through a mutual friend. I was in business with them in 2001 because I owned a drywall company and that’s how we started together.

What keeps you inspired with what you do as the Mold Team leader, daily?

It’s fun to meet different people all the time and it’s nice not being stuck in an office all day. We’re out on the road a lot and we get to meet all types of people. And it’s fun to go in and take a dirty situation and make it better for people and make them feel safer in their homes. That’s what I like about it.

You’ve been traveling a lot recently for the company, expanding the mold offering beyond LA, where have you gone to train other teams?

We’re opening a mold division in Utah and Idaho, so I’ve been up in Idaho training the new guys and getting all the equipment ready and getting them all ready to roll.

Do you see the need for what we do?

Absolutely. Idaho gets  a lot of snow and wherever there’s snow, it comes with water, and there’s gonna be mold. So there’s opportunities for this type of business anywhere, and everybody has plumbing in their houses. Plumbing breaks and created mold issues so it’s such a big opportunity.

What’s the reception so far from the places you’ve like Idaho?

It’s been fantastic. The people are really friendly, they have pretty much the same desires they have here, they don’t wanna live with mold and the allergy and health issues that come with it.

What are some of your past jobs before joining Twin Home Experts?

I was an actor, a photographer, and a golf professional. I taught golf and computer swing analysis.

Can you talk a little about the book you’re writing?

It’s a spiritual/psychology self help book – basically a guide to cleaning the mind. It’s just something I’ve always been interested in my entire life, I’m always watching people and analyzing conversations and wondering why.

Where can people get the book and when?

That’s to be decided. I just finished it, I’m editing right now.

What do you do when you have down time? Although there isn’t much down time.

No there’s not (laughs). I play golf, I fish, I like a good video game every now and then, hang out with family.