Los Angeles Liquid Chemical Drain Cleaner FAQs

Q: Should I be using chemical drain cleaning substances for my clogged drains?

A: Honestly, it depends on how serious the clog is. If it’s minor – soap scum, grease, hair – sure, try a little Drano. Those types of products don’t guarantee that the clog won’t return, but it does serve as a sufficient temporary fix. If you think it’s a more serious clog, like one involving overgrown tree roots or collapsed pipes, then chemical substances won’t help at all. You’ll need to call in a professional to help clear those drains up.

Q: Are there any safety concerns when using harsh drain cleaning chemicals to clear my clogs?

A: Putting “harsh” and “chemicals” together is a good indication that there are absolutely safety concerns to using them. If you decide to use a chemical drain cleaner, be sure to do so only in well-ventilated environments. You don’t want to be a victim of their noxious fumes. If you are using them in a toilet, however, be careful. You need to read the directions carefully before doing anything. These types of chemicals are so heavy that they have been known to sometimes make toilets explode. So, if you must use “harsh chemicals,” do so with caution.

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