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Mold isn’t a fun topic. But things out of our control happen in life that must be dealt with, such as water damage and mold. And our homes are our biggest asset. Since we have to live in our homes, we want workers to care about details that we would and fix it so that we can go on with our lives and not have to worry about the future.

When you have water damage, and the subsequent mold that will grow, it’s comforting to find a family-owned company like Twin Home Experts. The Schuelke brothers are passionate about helping homeowners who might be health-challenged from mold find ways to not only fix the issue within their home that might be make them sick, but also proactively deal with the future. That includes fine-tuned details such as something as simple as a water alarm and bringing it as part of the remediation project, so the homeowner feels like they are being taken care of.

While many mold remediation companies are faceless and impersonal, the Schuelke brothers and their mold remediation department head Dalton, not only assures the homeowner faced with what feels like a daunting task, with the actual words, “We’ll take care of you,” and a kind smile, but they answer every question and address detailed issues you might have. The smiles and feeling of reassurance is across the board – with workers greeting you with a smile and helping you address your concerns.

The company uses environmentally-friendly anti-microbial products that will attack the mold. Unlike some mold remediation companies, which just take apart moldy areas, Twin Home Experts will also rebuild these places where water damage occurs, such as when there’s water damage below the sink, so there’s a seamless process from removal, to antimicrobial application, to rebuilding the area below the sink. There is a comfort to the homeowner in being able to have one company and the same people work on this one task, rather than hiring a company to remove and another contractor to rebuild.

Most of all, the worry that mold will come back will be alleviated with their solution ideas. And Twin Home Experts also offer proactive preventative measures, such as encapsulating a crawl space, which may be a commitment cost-wise, but it does alleviate future worry of mold so people can get on with their lives and not worry about chronic health issues due to mold.

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Twin Home Experts

Twin Home Experts’ Success Stories

I have a hard time breathing especially when it gets cold. It was getting worse and worse in my house. I travel around and when I got home, I noticed the air was worse home inside my house than it was outside. There was mold on the walls. A friend of mine told me about Twin Home Experts.

They came in, and they did everything. They detected a little tiny pinhole leak, but it was constant and it soaked through. They tested it and it was aspergillus. They got rid of the mold. They had plastic barriers, they called it containment. They brought in equipment – a dehumidifier, this giant air scrubber, they got rid of the mold with this mold juice (laughs). When I came back it was all fixed. They patched the walls. It was as if they weren’t there. I love it man, it was one-stop shopping they did it all. My insurance paid for it and they dealt with it. It affected the hallway, the kitchen and bathroom. The hot water heater was near the three rooms.

Having a one-stop shop is the greatest because you don’t have to shop around different guys. They took of everything, like the pit crew – they just drive up and they took care of it all. I trust these guys in my house. It was great.

Alex Correa

Los Angeles, CA

We found a yellow looking growth in the bathroom of what used to be a rental unit, it’s now my wife’s studio. We did not know what it was, but suddenly things had been stored against the wall and we didn’t notice it for a while. We smelled something, we moved some items away from a wall and saw some yellowish growth and kept looking in other places; there was more and more. Almost immediately after we discovered it, I went on the Internet.

I went to Home Advisor, searched ‘mold abatement’, and the Twins came up. David came and was very informative, shared lots of information, which I like. I wish my doctors would be more like that.

It took four weeks and it’s been stressful. I use that word a lot. You tend to question if you’re doing it correctly and, “Oh my gosh, the cost of that.” But David is personable and communicates extremely well. The treatment of the mold was done the first week, because it required the demolition of the interior of the bathroom in the back area. It had to be opened up to reveal all the mold.

Then they had to figure out where it was coming from. It turned out we needed a new sewer line also, and digging for the connection to the sewer line.

They discovered it was leaking, and probably 10 feet behind where the mold appeared in the building. David did bring in an outside consultant to check on how he was dealing with the project. They do everything. There were three phases to the project – the first was discovery and treatment of the Poria. Then there was a lot of digging to find the source. There’s also the rebuilding of the demo space.

I was contacted by other companies on Home Advisor. However, David was very convincing and in retrospect I’m glad I used him because he was able to do the whole project. He has the people and the resources, he was the main umbrella company, and he obviously had a lot of experience.

He’s been reassuring all through the process. Him, individually, and the people who have been working here for four weeks. They’ve all been very good. This poria – if we didn’t detect it, it can almost eat a whole house. This is a fungus, plant-like. I’d never heard of it. It was kind of amazing.

Bill and Connie Lane

Long Beach, CA

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