Random Acts Of Twinfulness

We love our communities and enjoy giving back. 

Giving Back To Brian

The success of Twin Home Restoration is credited to not only skills inherited from Dave Schuelke, Sr, but a passion and desire to give back to the community. Everyone at Twin Home Restoration believes in making a difference, so when it comes to customer service, there is nothing stopping us from going the extra mile. With over 200 how-to videos and step-by-step guides, we are continuously making an effort to educate our customers and become the go-to source for plumbing advice.

“As a longtime customer of ours, Brian asked us to help remodel a few elements in his home before applying for a reverse mortgage. Brian offered his home to several relatives and we quickly learned of his selflessness. Upon arrival, our team surprised Brian with a few gifts.”

Giving Back To Gail

Gail was in a tough situation. Her husband was diagnosed with lymphoma, her daughter was diagnosed with an intestinal disorder, she took in her grandchild and she picked up an extra job to help defray the costs of living.

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