When your toilet won’t flush, it turns into one of those little annoyances and one of the most calls we get here in Los Angeles.

Here at Twin Home Experts, we have been to well over 2,700 “my toilet won’t flush” service calls. We know a thing or two and want to share with you tips you can do without having to call a plumber and flush your money down the drain, no pun intended.

Let’s first give you visual anatomy of a toilet, so you can refer to it as you read this post below.

toilet won't flush

Here are the most common issues we have dealt with on toilet flushing problems:

When I flush, water just rises, why?

This means that you have a clog in the weir, trapway or outlet. If this happens, be very cautious. We have had our clients flush, walk away and flood their homes.

Quickly turn that little valve off at the bottom of the toilet.

Don’t have a plunger, but have a toilet bowl cleaner brush?

Check this video out, where my Twin brother Dave shows you how to unclog a toilet without a plunger.

Text a Twin at 818-402-8682 and say “toilet help”.

There is not enough water in the tank

This is a huge cause of toilet flushing problems. If the water level is low, then it creates a very weak flush and is not strong enough to flush away solids.

How it creates a weak flush

When you flush your toilet, you’re actually letting water from the tank into the bowl. Releasing a lot of water into the bowl from the tank quickly generates the suction required to flush the toilet.

Twin toilet tip: Always hold the handle down when flushing for another 10 or 15 seconds

When the tank doesn’t contain enough water, it doesn’t release as much water as it should when flushed.

You’ll notice a weaker flush or water may enter your toilet bowl without starting a flush at all.

How you can fix this…

Most toilet manufacturers leave a mark inside the toilet tank to indicate how much water it should store.

Remove the tank lid, find this mark inside the tank and make sure the water level rises to it after every flush.

If you can’t find a manufacturer’s mark, make sure water rises to just below the tank’s overflow tube. If the water in your tank doesn’t rise to the mark, you have to adjust it.

Different toilets use different components to set the tank’s water level.

Most older toilets use either a float ball & rod of some kind.

The new vertical type fill valve stops filling the tank with water when the water touches the bottom of the float. Depending on what you have, you can adjust the water level.

My toilet tank won’t fill

More than likely if your in this situation, you have debris between the shut-off valve and the bottom of the tank.

Turn the water off, and disconnect the water flex hose from the tank. Grab a small bucket and flush out the debris. If that doesn’t work then it’s probably your fill valve.

My toilet tank water is all the way to the top, and I don’t have a clog, but still very slow flush

This issue, is more than likely caused by calcium deposits built up in the rim holes.

You can restore the water flow by cleaning the Rim flush holes/ bowl ports.

I’m so done with my toilet not flushing, I just want to buy another one. How do I choose a toilet to buy?


As you can see, toilets have many parts, it’s a process of elimination, work your way from the bottom water valve to inside your tank.

If you’re constantly having to deal with your toilet flushing issues, you may just want to consider replacing it altogether. Particularly if it’s an older toilet.

Well, we sure hope this helped you with your Toilet issue, if you have any other questions or need help, contact the Twins today.

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Twin Home Experts is an amazing company to work with! Always accommodating, on time and extremely professional! Our go-to company for any and all plumbing needs, they are amazing!

- J. Young

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Twin Home Experts is an amazing company to work with! Always accommodating, on time and extremely professional! Our go-to company for any and all plumbing needs, they are amazing!

– J. Young