When it comes to picking a bathroom remodeling company in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, and the Ventura County area, you as the homeowner have hundreds of choices. As we all know NOT all bathroom remodel companies are created equal. We’re going to do a breakdown of One Week Bath vs Twin Home Experts.

Stanford University did a study and picked 10,000 homeowners across the country and ask a simple question:

Would you ever recommend your bathroom remodel company?

Fifty percent of the homeowners said they would NEVER recommend their bathroom contractors.

This is disappointing for our industry and gives us a bad wrap. Twin Home Experts’ goal is to change that.

We feel there are several GREAT bathroom contractors here in the greater Los Angeles and that is Twin Home Experts and One Week Bath.

We do get the question that we want to answer and that is “What is the difference between Twin Home Experts and One Week Bath?”

What we do have in common is we both have offices in Van Nuys, CA that are literally 8 minutes apart.

One Week Bath Address

15145 Califa Street Unit B, Van Nuys, CA 91411

I could not find a actual storefront or signage other then what google provided us at this time:

Twin Home Experts Bathroom Showroom Address

7243 Woodley Ave, Van Nuys, CA 91406

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One Week Bath review

One Week Bath really does a great job with streamlining the bathroom remodel process from design and buying all the materials, unlike most bathroom remodeling companies here in Los Angeles.


Most bathroom remodeling contractors ONLY provide a labor price and make the homeowner go out and do all the shopping. The bottom line is the bathroom contractor that does this just doesn’t have the skill set to design and time to go shopping for you.

If your a homeowner that must go out and pick your materials, then go with your contractor to make sure you’re getting the right materials for the right places. This will also help keep your budget on track.

  • One Week Bath’s competitive advantage is they can get your bathroom done in a week, providing that you have everything on site ready to go BEFORE your demolition starts.
  • They have great reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, and Houzz.
  • They carry a 15,000 bond
  • No complaints with the contractors licensing board
  • Business since 2000
  • They cover the Orange County area

Overall, you can’t go wrong with One Week Bath.

Most complaints that are online can easily be fixed with better communication and making sure that you as the homeowner have EVERYTHING detailed out in the contract. This will protect you.f

Now that you have Twin Home Experts’ review of One Week Bath, let’s go over the differences and what we can offer that they don’t

Twin Home Experts bathroom remodel difference

  • We have been in business 18 years more than One Week Bath
  • More certifications and license than One Week Bath
  • Over 800 online reviews vs One Week Bath 245 reviews
  • Onsite bathroom showroom vs no showroom offering from one week bath
  • Mold removal certified and do not charge for removal when doing a bathroom remodel vs One Week Bath is not certified in mold remediation
  • Proper dry down equipment to dry out your structure
  • Plumbing certified, over 70,000 plumbing jobs completed
  • We can offer more bathroom options than one week bath

What do Twin Home Experts and One Week Bath have in common?

  • Licensed
  • Offer design help
  • Believe getting materials for homeowners is a big help in facilitating a bathroom remodel experience
  • Do bathroom remodels in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Ventura and Santa Clarita
  • Do not use subcontractors for most of the work
  • Owners are involved in making sure bathrooms are completed on time.
  • No price changes

Well folks, hopefully, this helped clarify what the big differences between One Week Bath vs Twin Home Experts.

Now it’s time to compare your estimate between us. Give us your feedback at support@twinhomeexperts.com