Since 1982, Twin Home Experts has been a 24/7 emergency service company helping customers from water leak detection, to flood restoration and major black mold removal here in Los Angeles.

When it comes to black mold removal companies in the greater Los Angeles area, there are several mold removal companies near you that provide this service.

There is one mold removal company called Mold Zero that we like and wanted to offer our Twin Home Experts review and do a comparison of Mold Zero vs Twin Home Experts.

Mold Zero was founded by Rusty Tweed, an actual homeowner who had major mold in his home. After he did his research on mold removal companies in Los Angeles he found a company out of state. He called them in and the rest is history. He saw an opportunity and started up Mold Zero.

Mold Zero Reviews

Twin Home Experts recently performed a black mold removal job along side them and were able to watch their process.

We really liked their technician, Raymond, who was super passionate. His attention to detail with a high level of integrity was awesome to see.

Their dual fog system knocks out mold, bacteria, and viruses.

It’s a great system and does a really good job of regenerating your indoor air quality.

Mold Zero vs Twin Home Experts

  1. Twin Home Experts has 28 years in business. Mold Zero has 2 years in Los Angeles performing mold removal services.
  2. Twin Home Experts offers leak detection, plumbing repairs, water damage restoration, and mold removal and reconstruction. Mold Zero ONLY does dual fogging mold removal.
  3. Twin Home Experts has a fogging system using a clean seal. Mold Zero has an EPA registered dual fogging system.
  4. Twin Home Experts removes, bags, seals and hauls away the mold damaged materials from the substrates. Mold Zero only offers there foggy treatment directly to the visible mold.
  5. Twin Home Experts has over 500 online reviews with an average 4-star rating. Mold Zero has over 50 reviews with a 4-star average rating.

Suspect mold in your home? Call our inspection and remediation team today to schedule an appointment.

The Ultimate In Black Mold Removal Companies

Twin Home Experts has removed over 1,800 black toxic mold jobs out of homes in Los Angeles for over 25 years.

If you’re wanting the ultimate mold clean up and sanitization for your home then you may want to consider using Twin Home Experts and Mold Zero.

This combination is by far exceeds ANY other mold removal company in Los Angeles.

What Does Mold Zero Cost?

We know that Mold Zero comes out for free and does a free inspection to make sure they’re the right fit and offer you an estimate right on the spot.

We recommended them to one of our customers who wanted every nook in cranny to be sanitized (flooring, clothes, ducting etc).

They charged about 2 to 3 dollars per sq foot. This house was about 2,800 sq feet so the total was around $6,700.

Mold Inspection And Testing In Los Angeles

When it comes to mold inspection testing, Twin Home Experts always recommends that if you have visible mold on your walls and ceiling, then skip the mold testing and fees and go right to mold removal.

Mold Zero offers mold testing after dual fogging treatment. This is a great way to make sure they did their job. 

Twin Home Experts mold testing can range from $250-650.

If you don’t have visible mold and your just feeling possible symptoms of mold, then you may consider doing extensive mold testing to verify elevations of spores compared to the outside and the type of mold species is super important.

Call the Twin Home Experts for any mold questions you may have. We are here to help.