Twin Home Experts has performed over 5,000 toxic mold removal jobs in Los Angeles, from a simple wipe down to a complete restoration. One of the questions we get often is, “What do you use to kill mold?”

There are so many mold removal products on the market that we have used that we have narrowed it down to the ones that actually pass the environmentalist post air testing and are very safe to use leaving a nice fresh clean odor vs the harsh chemical bleach smell.

There are different mold removal products for different applications, so depending on your mold removal project will depend on the type of product you will use.

Let’s go ahead and take the most common mold removal projects in a home and break it down for you.

Products to remove black mold from wood?

This is always amazing to watch mold stains disappear while applying the right wood mold removal product.

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Case study: San Pedro, CA wood mold removal project.

Twin Home Experts just had a drop off of an entire container that was shipped from Canada from a woodshed manufacture that was all wood materials that were infested and stained with black mold.

We had a team of 7 guys unloading tons of moldy wood from the shipping container on to our driveway. We had a timeline to get this done, so the wood mold removal process had to be effective and fast.

The products we use to remove from wood is our very own combat solution made from a local manufacturer. The reason we use this product is that it soaks into the wood substrates fast and removes the mold stain. Our product is 100 times wetter than water, so it follows the moisture path.

If your a homeowner and would like the same results as a mold professional, the products we would recommend are:

# 1 – RMR 86 mold stain removal

# 2 – Concrobium (This is not as toxic, we recommend this if you have less biofilm growing, meaning not a very thick mold growth.)

Products to remove black mold from drywall

Removing mold from drywall is the easiest providing you know where the source of the mold is coming from.

You first have to verify if the mold is coming from inside the wall through the drywall or if it’s surface mold.

So let’s go over both scenarios.

Mold removal on the surface of the drywall

This is the easiest because the mold is not growing from inside the wall. This mold is growing because of the dew point, which comes from a lack of ventilation, typically from a bathroom.

The first thing is to make sure you have proper ventilation, then you can use the same products as we shared for wood mold removal to kill mold. Do not use bleach, because the mold will come right back.

You can also use a mold inhibitor AFTER the mold treatment on the surface of the wall materials, providing the walls are dry. This will help prevent mold from growing back.

The mold inhibitor we like recommending to DIY homeowners is ZEP. This product is made using grab shells. It’s the chitosan that is extracted, which is a natural anti-microbial invisible Barrier.

Products to remove mold from furniture

As a professional mold remediation company here in Los Angeles, we find a lot of mold on furniture, especially at the bottom and at the back of furniture that sits up against a exterior wall. The dust that builds up along with the moisture content from weak, non-insulated walls slows enough transfer of the exterior elements to cause the perfect food source for mold to grow.

As a mold professional we use a 2-step process. We use our enzyme treatment and then apply our mold inhibitor.

We also take a look and find the moisture source to help alleviate more mold from growing.

As a DIY homeowner removing mold from your furniture, we would recommend using Concrobium.

How to remove mold from leather

We just received 500 leather jackets that had mold growth.


This did a great job by preserving the leather jackets. Goldmorr is the only product that we would use to perform mold removal for leather.

Goldmorr is a multi-step process designed to eliminate microbial growth inside your home or commercial property. Available only through Certified Master Technicians, Goldmorr is a low-impact, non-invasive, complete mold remediation product. TheGoldmorr System of mold removal is the future of mold remediation.

How to kill mold and solve moisture issues

When you have moisture in your floors, walls or substrates, then you’re breeding mold. When it comes to how mold professionals remove mold under these conditions, then they will or should be using a dehumidifier to extract the moisture levels from any wet materials. This equipment needs to be left in the affected area for 3 to 5 days minimum. When this step has been completed, then you can move forward with mold removal using the stated above mold removal products.

Well, folks hopefully this helped give you some insight on how the mold professionals remove mold. If you need more help you can always text a twin directly at 818-402-8682 and text

“mold removal help.”

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Twin Home Experts is an amazing company to work with! Always accommodating, on time and extremely professional! Our go-to company for any and all plumbing needs, they are amazing!

- J. Young

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Twin Home Experts is an amazing company to work with! Always accommodating, on time and extremely professional! Our go-to company for any and all plumbing needs, they are amazing!

– J. Young