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Twin Home Experts is a licensed plumber, licensed general contractor and mold and water damage certified contractor. We are your only one-stop shop when it comes to your emergency flooding.

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Restoration companies in Los Angeles

We see so many homeowners in Los Angeles trying to figure out what to do in these emergencies.

When it comes to finding the best restoration companies for your type of water damage loss you first have to understand your damages. These are the top Los Angeles water damage restoration emergencies that cause major damages to homes.

Sewage clean up

Sewage clean up is considered a category 3 loss. This is the most severe because of bacteria and can cause the most secondary damage to a home if not cleaned up and sanitized properly.

Case study: Water damage in Beverly Hills

Our customer Iman in Beverly Hills had a leak coming down her beautiful home into the living room. She and her family had no idea that it was the toilet leaking every time they flushed. The ceiling was made of drywall and was soaking it up like a sponge, then eventually the water came pouring down.

“Does insurance cover sewage back up?”

Yes, sewage back up is covered by insurance providing that you have the right leak report by the right person taking care of this with proper documentation.

The insurance covers sewage clean up on sudden drain backups caused by soft clogs.

Now, if you have sewage in your crawl space then your very limited to insurance coverage unless your home structure within your 4 walls suffered damages.

Los Angeles water damage restoration and repair

Once everything is dry, sanitized and clean the next big step is the repairs. This step is called reconstruction.

This is where you as the homeowner need to make sure you get the most for your money.

Water pipe break

The next and most common water damage to a home is due to a water pipe break.

This is a category 1 & 2 water damage loss.

The reason is that this is a freshwater pipe that caused water damages to your home. The difference between a 1 and 2 is a category 2 is elevated because of clean water seepage through multiple layers of materials (wood, drywall, insulation etc).

Case study: Ventura slab leak detection

We received a call from our customer Glen who woke up with soaked hardwood floors in the kitchen due to a slab leak.

Twin Home Experts performed a slab leak detection and pinpointed the leak just under the island. The entire kitchen flooring was made of hardwood and it was soaked as shown in the photos.

The first step is to take full documentation using proper moisture readings in order to help you with your insurance claim.

Taking before photos is a MUST.

Then proceeding with the proper dry down of your home using dehumidifiers and air movers.

Twins water damage insurance claim tips

  1. When you have severe kitchen water damage in your kitchen, we do necessary removal to dry out the kitchen BUT do not tear out your kitchen cabinets and countertops until you get final approval from your insurance adjuster that you’re fully covered for cabinet and countertop replacement.
  2. BEFORE calling and filing your insurance claim, find a great leak detection company in Los Angeles like twin home experts that knows insurance coverage. This can make or break your coverage.
  3. Try to find one company that will handle everything for you. Leak detection, plumbing repair, water damages, and water damage repair. This should save you money and having to deal with so many tradesmen

Twins top choice insurance companies who cover sewage back up and water pipe leaks:

  1. State Farm insurance
  2. Farmers insurance
  3. All-State insurance

Twins worst choice of insurance companies:

  1. Mercury insurance


When it comes to your water damage restoration work in Los Angeles and you need to file an insurance claim ALWAYS understand where the source of the leak that caused water damage first. Don’t react and call in your insurance claim right away. This may cost you thousands.

You don’t have to use the insurance choice water damage restoration company like Serv pro. You will have more value for your claim if you use a company like Twin Home Experts. 

Well, folks hopefully this helped give you some insight on your Los Angeles water damage restoration if you need more help just text a twin directly at 818-402-8682, and say “water damage help”.

Our experts are here to give you advice or assistance with your problem.


Twin Home Experts is an amazing company to work with! Always accommodating, on time and extremely professional! Our go-to company for any and all plumbing needs, they are amazing!

- J. Young

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Twin Home Experts is an amazing company to work with! Always accommodating, on time and extremely professional! Our go-to company for any and all plumbing needs, they are amazing!

– J. Young