There are thousands of crawl spaces in Los Angeles and here at Twin Home Experts, we’ve seen and cleaned our fair share them. There are so many crawl spaces that have been highly impacted with contaminates such as mold and bacteria – from wet soil to drain leaks.

Our customers have appreciated our level of services when it comes to Los Angeles crawl space mold removal. We not only treat the mold, but we find and repair all water sources that create the mold in the first place, providing long term solutions and warranties.

Why are there crawl spaces in the first place? – Gene, Pasadena 

The two primary reasons homes have crawl spaces are cost and accessibility – since crawl spaces work by allowing outside air to circulate beneath the house.

By building the floor of a home off the ground (as opposed to on a concrete slab-on-grade), there are several benefits, including cost-effectiveness.

How do I know if I have mold in my crawl space? – Dale, Burbank

Mold in a crawl space, can not only release spores but depending on how aggressive the growth is, it also releases an “off-gas “ that has an odor that smells musty and damp.

Another sign is health issues when you’re home. If you are constantly feeling tired, or have respiratory issues, these are signs of mold under your home.

Also, testing your indoor air and inspection can verify if you have it.

Who does crawl space mold inspection/testing here in Los Angeles for Crawl spaces? – Nick, Los Felix 

Anyone who is certified in mold removal. 

Here at the Twin Home Experts Mold Department, we pride ourselves on our crawl space mold inspection & testing, as we are experts in identifying the moisture source, that causes the mold growth in the first place.

When seeking a mold inspection for your crawl space, make sure you ask the following questions:

  1. How much to inspect & test?
  2. How many samples are you going to do?
  3. Will you test inside my house above the affected area?
  4. Will you also help determine the leaks while your down there?
  5. Do you have a camera and TV monitor to show me your findings?
  6. How quickly is your turn around for mold lab results?

Can mold under my house cause me to be sick? – Jordon, West Covina

We’ve done a lot of testing inside of a home and crawl spaces, we’ve seen some severe mold in Crawl spaces and tested inside a home with no spores detected.

We’ve also seen some impacted crawl spaces where it has highly affected the indoor breathing space.

So, every home has its own unique air draft. The way it’s positioned, the depth, the plumbing & electrical penetrations all make a difference in crawl space air entering into the home.

Los Angeles mold removal company says “I have mold and I better leave quickly”!

Please be cautious when a mold removal company tells you that you need to leave the property because you have mold. If they’re pitching you that line to win a job, then it’s not to your benefit, only theirs.

Case study: Yelp request that came into our Twin Home Experts office call center

“Hello Twins, we kind of have an emergency situation since we have a 2-year-old and we suspect she may be getting sick from it. We have a quote for $6,500 to sand mold, spray to kill mold and bring in machines to dry out the crawl space. They can start tomorrow, so that is a plus. We have a small house – 1,000 sqft and the mold is only on a portion (1 side of crawl space). They also guarantee for 5 years. Do you think this is reasonable?”

The best way to handle that is to say “Thank you for your concern, I’d like to get a second opinion.”

We were able to save them $3,000.00

Twin tip: One way to determine if it’s urgent or to verify if there is contamination from crawl space is to do an indoor air quality test. If the results come back clean, then you can take your time getting some estimates along with finding the right company.

How much does it cost for Los Angeles crawl space mold removal? – Belinda, Woodland Hills

We get this all the time, and the short answer is a big price ranging from $850 for small & light contamination to a high of $20,000 for some large & very contaminated crawl spaces. 

What are the steps for cleaning mold from crawl spaces? – Jim, Studio City

There are many ways to treat mold inside a crawl space and many Los Angeles mold removal companies have their own technique.

Here at The Twin Home Experts, we are certified in some amazing “green” crawl space anti-microbial, that we apply with our spray nozzles. We have found this to be much more effective than traditional wood sanding.

You want to make sure that the mold between the framing is also removed, and the only way is for a great wood mold removal agent, like this.

How do I make sure mold is not going to come back? – Amanda, Van Nuys

This is a very great question, and we do get asked a lot.

The moisture levels under crawl spaces have to be controlled. We often see leaky water pipes, leaky drain pipes, rainwater or sprinkler watering from planter beds entering in.

There is also a mold inhibitor that we are certified in, and we provide a 20-year warranty.

A lot of our customers take this option if they’re going to live in the home for many years or if they have any compromised health issues.

Twin tip: If there’s mold in one section of the crawl space, don’t be sold on doing the entire area, just make sure you treat at least 2 feet beyond the affected areas. 

What is the powdery white substance on the perimeter of my concrete foundation walls? – Mariana, Tarzana 

In chemistry, efflorescence (which means “to flower out” in French) is the migration of a salt to the surface of a porous material, where it forms a coating. The essential process involves the dissolving of an internally held salt in water, or occasionally in another solvent. 

This is not mold and not toxic, but an indicator that you have moisture that can ultimately result in mold contamination.

How do you disinfect a crawl space? – Joan, West Hollywood

There are a few ways of disinfecting a crawl space.

Depending on the contamination, more than likely you have sewer water that is standing and ponding under the property, which requires removing the soil and using an enzyme, that eats away the bacteria.

There are some great products on the market that will disinfect not only the soil, but your wood framing structure.

Well, we sure hope the Los Angeles mold crawl space blog was helpful, if you have any other concerns or questions, please call the Twins today.

As always, thank you for visiting our site.